Learning Chinese

With the popularity of Internet, there are many good and interesting websites ideal for non-Chinese to learn Chinese.

                 Online Schools
line schools offer history and language courses in Chinese.



                http://edu.ocac.gov.tw/index.htm   (Highly recommended)

Please understand learning Chinese calligraphy is not a privilege of Chinese-speaking people. Any one who enjoys art can start learning Chinese calligraphy. It's recommended that we know some basic Chinese when we start learning Chinese calligraphy or we may start learning both at the same time. You may visit the "Video Tutorial" for more instructions of learning Chinese calligraphy on your own. 

Some people may guess that when they first start learning Chinese they do not want to be confused by learning Chinese calligraphy at the same time. They merely want to focus on the writing and speaking of a new language. However, a proper guidance of learning Chinese calligraphy for new students of Chinese may increase the students' interest and motivation in learning Chinese. In fact, ancient Chinese children were all educated with brush writing since their youth since pen and pencils were not introduced to China until the late 18th century.

"Traditional Chinese Characters" are the original Chinese written language. The "simplified Chinese fonts" are a reduced form of writing Chinese characters and they distort the meaning, cultural heritage, and artistic beauty of the long Chinese history. 


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