何三和老師 達拉斯書法國畫班

Chinese Painting, Sumi-e & Calligraphy Classes in Dallas, Texas

Taught by Dallas Chinese Calligrapher & Painter Joshua Hough

Joshua Hough interviewed on NBC Good Morning Texas Channel 8


1. Schedules & Tuitions 

上課日期 學費



3. Where to Buy


4. Calligraphy Tools 


5. Painting Tools


6. Pictures 


 Updated: 01/21/2019


1. 上課日期 學費 Schedules & Tuitions


每期 8 週書畫班

Eight Classes in Each Session

欲加入本書畫班, 請先電郵或電話告知

Please contact Joshua at ArtsAndVirtue@MSN.com before joining your first class. 


Elite Art Center 會議廳或二樓大廳

902 Saint Paul, Richardson, Texas 75080  
(Located near the intersection of 635 and 75. A quarter mile off Central 75 and Spring Valley, next to Tam's Restaurant.)

We usually meet in the conference room on the first floor, or sometimes on the second floor.



星期六 3:00 - 5:00 PM


(連上兩週, 休一週);(連上兩週, 休一週);(連上兩週, 休一週);(連上兩週, 休一週) = 每一期共 8 堂課

休息約兩個月, 進階續下一期 8 週書畫班, 如此循環... (感恩節前三個禮拜一直到隔年一月不開課)

因為 (1) 國定假日 (2) 天氣 (3) 本人在外表演日期同一天, 日期若有變動,網頁即刻更新。所以您之前若看過本網頁,請勿認為以下所列上課日期固定不變。正確的日期與時間,應以本網頁及星期晚上的電郵或WeChat簡訊為準。

若缺席,不補課菁英藝術中心規定: 缺席照算學費


The "basic pattern": We meet two SATURDAYS, take one SATURDAY off; then meet two SATURDAYS, take one SATURDAY off...

Repeat this pattern for eight classes. The next Eight-Week Session will restart after we take a break of two months or so.

Any change of schedule due to (1) national holidays; (2) inclement weather; and (3) Joshua's public demonstrations will be updated here. 

So all students need to provide email to Joshua to receive notifications on Wednesdays or Thursdays.

For those who join later after the current session begins, tuition will be prorated.

Any absences are non-refundable. No make up classes at Elite. 


菁英中心 "暫定"上課日期 "Tentative" Schedules @ Elite Art Center  

REMEMBER TO PRESS "F5" to reflesh your Internet browser to reflect the newest changes!

Only Saturdays 3-5 PM (Other times not available)


"Tentative" schedules:

1) August 11

2) August 18

One Week Off

3) Sept. 1

4) Sept. 8

One Week Off

5) Sept. 22

6) Sept. 29

Winter Vacation

7) Feb. 16, 2019 (Class resumes. Each new student who joins today will pay 2/8 of the $145 tuition = $36. Check or cash.)

8) Feb. 23, 2019

Next Eight-Week Session will restart on a date to be announced later. 



目前採用書法班及國畫班同一教室及時段可任選書法或國畫 , 亦可兼學 (學費相同) 大人、小孩、初學、進階皆可

學生可依個人喜好由唐楷 歐陽詢顏真卿柳公權隸書、或魏碑入門。有書法基礎者亦可選擇其他字體 。

何嘉雄老師書法 Chinese Calligraphy by Joshua Hough

Zhuan Shu


Li Shu


Cao Shu


Xing Shu


Kai Shu




Currently, the calligraphy and painting groups are practicing in the same class at the same time with the same tuition. You may choose either calligraphy or painting, or both. There will be mutually related topics for each group of calligraphy and painting students. 


Tuition for each 8-week session 每期學費 :

Same tuition for Chinese Brush Painting & Sumi-e and/or Chinese Calligraphy

Cash or check paid at the beginning of class on your first class.

Existing students and those who joined before the end of 2018 - same tuition as you joined.



For new students who join after Jan. 1, 2019:




For new students who join after Jan. 1, 2020:




For new students who join after Jan. 1, 2021:






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2. 嚴格規定事項 Mandatory Rules


"MUST": Each student must have a piece of wool felt before starting to practice. No exceptions!

Using a wool felt as a cushion underneath your writing and/or painting paper will prevent ink and/or watercolor staining the table. If you don't have a wool felt, please go to Daiso next to 99 Ranch Market in Plano. It costs $2 a piece.

If you don't have a wool felt, you will be responsible for cleaning the stains after classes, and/or any unrecoverable damages/stains to the tables, especially plastic white tables. Having a wool felt is the traditional and polite way to practice. We will not start writing and painting until you have a piece of wool felt ready. Newspaper and another sheet of paper will not be allowed, i.e., I will not show you brushstrokes until you have a wool felt. Please purchase two pieces from Daiso, and put one in your car and the other at home.



*** 教室最基本規矩: 黑色或白色羊毛毯 ***





買兩張,一張放車上,一張放家裡。Two pieces cost only $4 from Daiso next to 99 Ranch Market in Plano.


上課忘記帶或沒羊毛毯, 只能聽課, 對不起: 沒有示範,也沒有當場練習。   



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3.哪裡購買 Where to Buy


Enter keywords or your question in a short phrase, Joshua's Website may help answer your questions.


WWW www.art-virtue.com


Stores Abbreviations 
& Owners
Addresses Notes



 Robert Bo





As of 01/21/2019 , Robert is just too busy to manage his teapot stores on e-Bay so he lists very few CalligraPainting items online. In fact, he has huge inventories. Whether you can see an item from his e-Bay stores, tell him your wish list first, then arrange a pick up time from his house located near Coit & 15th Street in Plano. 


Open daily by appointment. 

Possibly lowest wholesale prices in the U.S.  


Chinese Bookstore

Mr. & Mrs. Liu

(214) 226-1208      (972) 400-6884 

They moved! Please call for address.



This Plano store (or warehouse) has almost everything for Chinese calligraphy and painting.

Top Copy

 Bill Lu


(972) 599-2679

NW corner of Independence and 15th Street in Plano.



Bottled ink; some brushes and paper. 

Most of our square inkstones with lids are bought from Bill.


Oriental Art Supply




If you order on Monday, you may receive your order by Friday. OAS is the most comprehensive store of CBP supplies in the U.S. and has the longest history since 1970.


Reliable qualities.


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4. 購買文房四寶 Calligraphy Tools


書法班每人必備用具 All calligraphy students must have the following items:


上課前, 買齊自備文房四寶. 必需攜帶以下全部10個項目, 不可缺少任何一件.

There are only 10 items that are strictly required - you need to bring them all to each class. 

If you assume that you can skip any of these, your progress will be limited without knowing the reasons.

Except OAS, all vendors are located in Plano and Dallas. You can procure all required tools within two days.




Sample Pictures


#1 Required

Wool Felt





Mandatory Policy: Must have a wool felt to start a class! No exception!

Keep your paper and desk clean. Choose a size that covers your writing paper. Either black or white.





 如果學生上課沒有帶鎮紙, 我即將跳過所有執筆法的討論與秘訣


#2 Required



Daiso in Plano sells one pair for $3 (pink color.)

Mitsuwa Bookstore in Plano sells one for $10. (100 Legacy Drive Suite #110, Plano, TX 75023. Item is tiny in paper box and may be difficult to find among the pens area.)




You need 1 or 2 paperweights.



鎮紙有許多絕妙功能...... 你們從不會看到何老師在外面揮毫表演時不用鎮紙來寫書法。



To help smooth paper and to prevent accidental moving of paper during writing. "Thin" paperweights are preferred, better not to exceed 1 inch in width. Length and weight do not matter so much. Choose a narrower (not broad) and medium weight paperweight for calligraphy.

When I started learning Chinese calligraphy, I followed my teacher's advise by always using a paperweight. That's why I developed higher skill levels than most of my teacher's students.

I never practice Chinese calligraphy without using a paperweight. If you don't have a paperweight ready, I really cannot explain to you many levels of hand and wrist movements. With a paperweight, you may realize how much easier to write Chinese calligraphy with properly ground ink.

Without a paperweight, I simply skip sharing many levels of techniques. I just show the basic movements without further explanation derived from using a paperweight.


#3 Required

Storage Tube 



$3 from Hobby Lobby (Located in art portfolio section.)


Post office mailing tube


Expandable Paint Brush Case: adjustable length from 9" to 15"




To prevent paper from being wrinkled or folded. 

Many times people blame the qualities of brushes... When the paper is wrinkled or folded and/or when a person pays no attention to a paperweight and an appropriate container to handle the paper, it is often very difficult to write smoothly and artistically. People rush and go by squeezing paper into their bags with other stuffs and never figure out why they are not making progress in Chinese calligraphy.




#4 Required

Two Brushes



About $3 each in 2018. Please call Robert for the unit price.

李剛 "Mr. Li" 多用途兼毫

任選大中小規格 至少2隻

Multi-Purpose Brushes made by Mr. Li Gang

You will need TWO (2) brushes regardless the size(s) you pick. You may choose any size(s).






Generally, pure weasel hair brushes are not recommended for beginners. This brush "White Cloud" made by Li Gang (Mr. Li) is the perfect choice for all beginners. There are reasons why I am asking you to buy two of them.


#5 Required

Pencil 鉛筆  






If you bring a pencil, I share more details. 


#6 Required







White napkins are important in monitoring ink tones and water levels but are often neglected. 

For cleaning. 

#7 Required

Bamboo Paper with Grids

aka Maobian Paper


(for beginners)




Mr. & Mrs. Liu




Maobian Calligraphy Practice Paper with Grids

Maobian Chinese Calligraphy Practice Paper with Grids 38x66 cm

Maobian Paper Made of Bamboo Fiber for Practicing Chinese or Kanji Calligraphy



Beginners may choose to practice on Bamboo Grid Paper (never on newspaper). Choose non-slippery bamboo paper instead of slippery and smooth ones. Your progress will be greatly rewarded by using non-slippery paper.

You may try looking from the bookstore, e-Bay or Amazon for non-slippery Maobian Paper.


or 宣紙

(not for beginners)



練習用生宣紙 "練習宣" 每刀100

About $10 each pack.





(any size of your desired quantity)


#8 Required





You need 1 inkstone.

This is exactly the same inkstone I was using for over 10 years in Taiwan. 

From Bill Lu or OAS




from Robert


硯堂 (又稱墨堂、硯心),指硯的中心研墨處。此處便於研墨,方便旋轉,易于調筆鋒。



An ideal size will be that the grinding area is at least the size of your palm. I recommend oval or rectangular inkstones that have water resevoirs and their rims ("wall") of the grinding area not to be higher than 1/4 inch above the grinding surface. Inkstones without water reservoirs and with higher rims and with smaller grinding areas are not preferred for Chinese calligraphy, though they can still be used. I am just providing better technical suggestions.

#9 Required

Ink Stick 



Mr. & Mrs. Liu

You need 1 or 2 ink sticks

Generally, choose Pine Soot ink sticks 松煙墨 for calligraphy. 

(Oil Soot ink sticks 油煙墨 is usually for painting.)





準備好足夠的墨 (可用硯臺磨墨與墨汁混合) 才能寫出飽滿又有美感的筆劃。  

何老師有句名言: 一個人練習書法,如果沒有老師指導,也沒有去看其他書籍,光憑自己拿一本字帖臨摹,如果長期下來,墨磨對了並合乎墨法,那麼這個人幾乎已經把書法所有理論及相關的課題也想遍了,書法自然也就練好。

Preparing ink in good quality and quantity, either with "grinding only" or "mixing bottled ink with gound ink," is a prerequisite in writing a beautiful Chinese calligraphy stroke. Chinese people usually compare a person's energy level or blood ingredients with ink used to practice Chinese calligraphy. Without properly prepared ink in quality and quantity, no one can write a Chinese calligraphy stroke beautifully no matter how talented that person is or whether that person has highest quality of brushes or an excellent teacher. 


#10 Required

Bottled Ink


Bill Lu

Mr. & Mrs. Liu

Robert or his e-Bay store


You need 1 bottled ink. (Any size)





Wu Zhu ( 吳竹 ) brand is very stable and durable for calligraphy. 

I recommend a combination approach of blending ground ink and bottled ink to save time and also preserve the benefits of ground ink.



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5. 購買畫具 Painting Tools


何老師代購國畫用具 -  您的配合就是造福其他同學與您的學習進度. 請勿托延!  


Minimum Requirements for Chinese Brush Painting  國畫班每人必備用具


As a very procedural art, CBP requires the right tools, patience, time, and money. Everything listed here is minimum requirement for its unique functions and purposes and are mutually related. You need to buy all of them before the first class. 

I won't list unnecessary items here to burden you. Your cooperation will benefit your and other classmates' progress. Since I am teaching the universal painting methods as used to paint Chinese figures, landscapes, and flowers and birds in different styles, your lack of a certain tool will hinder your progress and make you unable to create many effects, and in turn, will also affect other classmates' progress. 

After you have learned most of the univeral Chinese painting methods, you will be able to paint most of the subjects and styles in Chinese figures, landscapes, and flowers on your own. You should not doubt whether you can skip any of those minimally required tools.





#1 Required (2 pieces of Wool Felt):





I suggest that you buy two sheets from Daiso in Plano for only $4 (any color), put one at home, another one in your car so you won't forget to bring it to class.


Easy math: You buy two pieces for $4 from Daiso and put one in your car, you can always practice in class. However, if you buy only one for $2 and sometimes you come to class without it, you are not allowed to practice in class. 


The landlord of Elite Art Center will not allow you to practice on his tables without using a wool felt. You cannot simply use another sheet of paper or newspaper to replace your wool felt.


OAS Felt: Student Wool 24" x 36"



Mandatory Policy: Must have a wool felt to start a class! 

No exceptions!!!

Wool felts sold in Daiso are good enough. Choose from many colors. The Daiso brand has no grids. They are basically the same as those sold from OAS.

Sold from Robert. Thick wool felt is preferred for painting. The other side without printed grids is used for painting. (Grids may be used to practice calligraphy.)

You don't need to buy a wool felt with grids.


#2 Required (1 set of Sectioned Water Bowl):

筆洗盤 + 調色盤

3-in-1 Water Bowl with Palletes 



As this moment, I do not know any local store carrying this item.



To help control qualities of ink tones and watercolor. If you have this set, you don't need another pallette in the short term. Larger pallette(s) may be required in the future per the student's progress.

Compact, ideal for travel, multi-functional, two scoops for brush rest, easy to clean, three sections of water bowl for clean colors, and ideal  to develop your techniques of coloring, washing, mounting, and many other purposes.








(Technically speaking, the above is a better option.)



Three-Sectioned Water Bowl


Daiso in Plano 




  If you bring soft drink cups in stead of Sectioned Water Bowl, I will put them away!   

  When a cup falls, the liquid will destroy your and your neighbors' painting.   

  This may be caused by you, others, or anyone moving around.  

You may bring 2 or 3 rice bowls or jars that are not easily turned over or flipped. But you will need at least two. Three is best. One is never enough because Xuan paper is different from watercolor paper.




#3 Required (3 Colored Pencils & 2 Charcoals):

鉛筆 & 碳筆

Pencils (black, green, red - 3 needed) & Charcoal (2 needed)


For drafts, correction, improvements, and visualization.

#4 Required (Napkins):



To wipe off extra water and/or ink from brush tips. For cleaning. Pure white napkins are preferred to monitor ink tones and colors. Napkins are important in applying better ink and colors.

I repeatedly mention in class"in CBP, water is like an angel or a devil. It can elevate your painting or simply destroy it." Napkins, a three-sectioned water bowl, well organized brushes on brush rests are the most critical tools to prevent water causing a disaster.


#5 Required (1 or 2 Paperweight):


Daiso in Plano sells one pair for $3 (pink color.)

Mitsuwa Bookstore in Plano sells one for $10. (100 Legacy Drive Suite #110, Plano, TX 75023. Item is tiny in paper box and may be difficult to find among the pens area.)





Required for keeping rolled paper from curling back up or paper shifting on top of your felt.

It's mandatory that you have at least one paperweight and at least one brush rest. Without a paperweight, I cannot explain many levels of hand movements and my unique methods when using a brush.


#6 Required (1 Brush Rest):



Robert $5

$12 from OAS




#7 Required (6 Basic Brushes):   

初學者專用基本毛筆 6

2 for textures, sketcching & dots: 皴、擦、點、勾勒




2 for sketching: 勾勒、白描

www.orientalartsupply.com/product/redfeather/134 (any 1)



2 for wash: 染、賦色

www.orientalartsupply.com/product/640/softbrushes (any 2 - prefer one Large one Small)

Since brushes look alike, itís your responsibility to specifically mark your own brushes from being mixed with othersí brushes.



This is my favorite multi-purpose brush I recommend for trees, rocks, and mountains. Great for both beginners and professionals for sketching trees, rocks, and mountains. Manufactured by Shanghai Crafts and Arts Company.

山水用毛筆 - 紫圭 

Brush for drawing landscapes, textures, dots, and etc.





Optional (if you want to draw bamboos and orchids):


( 李剛 ) 白雲  蘭竹筆

Combination Brushes of Goat and Weasel Hair 

(Any 2 of different sizes)

About $3 each.

Call Robert for the unit price.

If you have these brushes, you don't have to buy the so-called "Orchid Bamboo Brushes" elsewhere.



This inexpensive brand made by Mr. Li Gang ( 李剛 ) with his photos on the brush handle is great for painting bamboos, orchids, lotus stems, and many other subjects for both beginners and professionals. Also great for various styles of calligraphy such as Kaishu styles of the Tang Dynasty. 




#8 Required (Xuan Paper)

Exercise Xuan paper UNSIZED - 100 sheets sold in one pack

練習用生宣紙 每刀100張 "練習宣"

About $10 each pack

Robert - Best price in the U.S.


100 small sheets per pack: only $1.50 from Daiso in Plano. But those are not easy to use for most beginners due to water and ink control in consideration of the paper's absorbency. Choose thick and non-slippery kind instead of thin and slippery ones. I guess anyone can start with this Daiso brand. Further details will be discussed in class. Or you may directly buy from OAS.



www.orientalartsupply.com/product/practiceshuen/practice (any size of your desired quantity)



#9 Required (Ink)

Option 1: one Convenience Ink Pad

方便墨 a.k.a. Traveling Ink Box

$3 from Robert (cracked ink cake is normal and does not affect quality at all)

Convenience Ink Pad cannot be used for watercolor painting. It is great for drawing but has limited functions.


Option 2 (much better): 

An Inkstone 硯台 + an Ink Stick 墨條

OAS: www.orientalartsupply.com/product/squareinkstone/9

Robert: ebay.com/Big-Teapot-Brush-Jade-Dress-eStore/



Recommended for casual practice (if you practice frequently). Not intended for serious artwork. Great for travel and limited practice time. Not for Gongbi painting style.





#10 Required (1 Painting Book for copying) or Bring your notebook computer.


Choose any book from Internet or bookstores, or print pages downloaded from Internet with your printer. Or bring your iPad or tablet for viewing painting samples downloaded from Google Images.



We do not practice Westernized Chinese brush painting in our class. When choosing a book, select traditional style of Chinese painting.

This book is written in plain English and is more understanble than Mustard Seed Garden Painting Manual. It covers a broad range of painting topics. Great for your reading and our class instructions. 

One of our classmates actually bought this for $0.01 + $2.95 shipping from Amazon.



#11 Required (2 Clips and/or 1 Bookstand)


Hobby Lobby



To hold the painting book for better viewing angles and perspectives. 



#12 Required (1 Storage Tube)


Daiso in Plano sells one for $3 (black color.) 

$10 from Hobby Lobby



: 可伸縮調節畫筒長度,附背袋(可調整長度),外出攜帶方便,可避免折壓到紙張、作品,防水不怕雨。

This traveling container with adjustable lengths is currently the most ideal tube for storing different sizes of paper, your artwork, or a mounted scroll. Most ideal for one-time lifetime investment that will fit all of your Xuan paper widths and lengths into one tube.



#13 Required (1 Bamboo Roll or 1 Storage Box)

Hobby Lobby






You only need above items for purely black and white Chinese painting 

a.k.a. Sumi-e (water and ink only.)



The following items are required for watercolor Chinese painting and more advanced techniques.

If you don't buy them, your decision is to stay on purely white and black Sumi-e.



Brushes - Various Types

Option 1: Assorted Sizes - Set of 6 Brushes 

Option 2: Robert or Bill Lu

Option 3: OAS

Option 4: Zhou HuChen Brush Set

You will need combinations of various soft (goat hair) and hard (weasel hair) brushes.



Here are my recommendations for OAS brushes based on various techniques: (The names or tags on the brushes are recommendations. They do not dictate that certain brushes can only be used for those purposes. Some can be mutually used for two or more purposes. There are no fixed rules or formulae here - everyone has different insights and preferences.)

皴 Textures & 擦 Rubbing:



點 Dots:



染 Wash: 

www.orientalartsupply.com/product/640/brushes (all 4)



勾勒、白描 Outlines & Tracing:




賦色 Coloring:

www.orientalartsupply.com/product/640/brushes (all 4)



矾宣 ( 熟宣 )

Sized Shuan Paper 

Shuan is also spelled as Xuan or Shuen. It's Xuan City where the paper was produced.

Mr. & Mrs. Liu


OAS: www.orientalartsupply.com/product/626/10 


Semi-Sized Xuan Paper from Amazon

For 26" x 52" standard size, the average price for good quality Sized Shuan Paper is at least $3 per sheet in the U.S. market. So a pack of 100 sheets is usually sold for about $250.

Do not buy paper sold in non-Chinese stores labled with "Oriental Rice Paper." It is usually an inferior grade and unauthentic kind of paper for Chinese painting. It is neither Shuan Paper nor Bamboo Paper, but is usually a machine made "Cotton Paper" exported to those countries that still call Chinese calligraphy and painting paper "'Rice Paper." A double whammy misnomer!!  (Cotton Paper and the following product may be used to practice Xieyi painting, but not for Gongbi fineline painting.)

Likewise, most 書道半紙 or 半紙 sold outside Asia are not used to do traditional Chinese painting in Gongbi style.

There are vendors in California, other than OAS, that sell "very thin" sized Xuan paper at more expensive prices. We are not using that kind of thin paper in our classes! When choosing sized paper, select thicker one.



Chinese paintings are done on Sized Shuan Paper ( 矾宣 or 熟宣 ) as well as on Unsized Shuan Paper ( 生宣 or Raw Paper ). "Sized" means to coat the paper with alum. Do not confuse "sized" with "cutting the paper into different sizes." Sized paper is less absorbent and more expensive than unsized paper. Though it's easier to control ink, water, and colors on sized paper, one should not completely rely on it to develop painting skills. You may also choose Semi-sized Shuan Paper.

The label "矾宣" is often stamped on the side of 100 sheets of paper. Sometimes 矾宣 does not appear on the labels on the pack. Most sized Xuan paper today has shimmers.





OAS: www.orientalartsupply.com/product/squareinkstone/9

Bill Lu





This is exactly the same inkstone I was using for over 10 years in Taiwan. A preferred choice by many CBP students and teachers.



Ink Stick 高檔國畫油煙墨


Shopping from Amazon 




Generally, choose Oil Soot ink sticks 油煙墨 for painting.

These are professional grade ink sticks. Generally, ink sticks with wood boxes have higher qualities and are more expensive.




Chinese Watercolor Set

$7 from Hobby Lobby



A not so famous brand but is very stable and easy to use for beginners.





Watercolor Set - 24 Colors

$18 from Hobby Lobby



Very stable and easy to use for beginners.





Maries Chinese Watercolor






The most famous brand of CBP watercolors. Either 12, 18, or 24 colors.



Plastic Palette


Hobby Lobby




Or any kind of your choice. Make sure the mixing area is large enough.



Water Dropper


Hobby Lobby




To control the right amount of water for colors and washing. Any kind with or without markings.






Spray Bottle or Fine Mist Sprayer


Hobby Lobby






To control the right amount of water for colors and washing. Choose one that can spray fine mist.




Hake Brush aka Wash Brush, Wide Brush (1 or 2)


Hobby Lobby





For washing techniques and background coloring, especially for Ling Nan style of Chinese painting. Choose either one or both.



Quiet Dryer 


Revlon QuietPro dryers generate very stable and smooth heat under control. www.qhdreviews.com

Must have the word "quiet" to be used in our class. We do not accept regular dryers to be used in our class because they are TOO NOISY AND WILL DISTURB CLASSMATES and usually their hot temperature will also damage Xuan paper fibers. So if you bring a dryer to expedite your painting, only "quiet" dryers are allowed.  

If you have a regular dryer or a compact (mini) dryer without the word "quiet," don't bring it to class. It will disturb classmates and most likely overheat your paper. Once the paper is overheated and wrinkled, you won't be able to finish your painting.



If you are practicing Gongbi (Fineline) style with colors, a quiet dryer can save you tremendous amount of time for the layers of colors to be dried faster. Otherwise, if you let the colors dry naturally, you have to wait for a while unless you know how to allocate your time to draw and paint different parts of a subject alternatively without pausing and waiting. 

Many Chinese brush painters use dryers to expedite their paintings and also create special coloring effects.



Chinese Brush Painting Books by Subjects (Figures, Landscapes, Flower Birds)

Sold in class by Joshua for $25 each.

Just let me know which subject(s) you are interested in.

Sold individually. 

About 150 pages per book.




These books are compilations of works of historical and modern painters with basic instructions and notes. No English translation at all, but art is a universal language. The main focus of my teaching is sharing the procedures (sketching and  coloring) of painting. Most of these  books cover several styles (Gongbi, Xieyi, mixed...) for each topic such as bamboos, figures, flowers, landscapes, and etc. Each book is a great reference for our class and your practice at home.

There are about 15 books in this series which are excellent resources of various CBP subjects and styles. Currently, this set is one of the best choices in the market.

Click for larger pictures:

From left: Ancient Court Ladies / Traditional Figures // Landcape Manuals / Mountains, Rocks, Clouds, and Water // Peony Manuals / Plum Blossoms, Orchids, Bamboos, and Chrysanthemum / Orchid Manuals / Bamboo Manuals / Gongbi Painting Methods / Xieyi Painting Methods / Flowers, Birds, Fishes, and Insects / Birds & Animals // Lotus Manuals / Vegetables & Fruits Manuals / Twelve Zodiac Animals





Mustard Seed Garden Painting Manuals

"The Bible of Chinese Brush Painting"





The Mustard Seed Garden Painting Manuals are the most famous and important CBP textbooks. Only one English translation was published, very incomplete compared with Chinese editions. (You may purchase Chinese versions elsewhere.) Good for study at home. It's not required to bring it to class every time. Only when you don't understand certain part, please bring it to class and I will explain and demonstrate.




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6. 照片 Class Pictures


More pictures at www.facebook.com/chinese.calligraphy.3 "Calligrapainting Events 書畫活動" & "Students of Calligrapainting 書畫教學" Albums



Our classmates enjoyed dinner at Royal Sichuan to celebrate our joint exhibition.


Students and friends of our Chinese CalligraPainting classes eating at First BBQ, Richardson


Students from Fort Worth learning to appreciate Chinese painting & calligraphy @ DCCC. Oct 22, 2010


Classes @ Home School in 2005 - the Rock, Carrollton


Classes at Episcopal School of Dallas in 2005





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