Plano Asian Festival 布蘭諾亞裔文化節 (10th Anniversary)

@ Plano Haggard Park

May 4, 2013

The weather turned out to be very fine today but still cold and very windy.


Selected Chinese Calligraphy Demonstration Pictures


Li Hongzhi & Joshua Hough



A friend, Joshua & Ms. Shunbo Meng (a calligrapher from China)



The frist character of "healthy" in Chinese





 Names written for the Lu sisters



CBP with cranes dedicated to Peter Wu, a real estate guru in Texas, and a classmate of current Taiwan's President Ma. 
The gift is from Hongzhi Li. Li almost became a classmate of Bruce Lee under 葉問 (Yip Man) in the 1960s.





The first three characters are the lady's Chinese name, given by her Chinese tutor Dr. Li Jian who founded the festival. 

The last two characters are David, the lady's husband's name.




Sister Meng & Joshua 


My trophy for contribution & Videos



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