Chinese Calligraphy Demonstration for Lunar New Year Party

@ Mormon Church in Plano, Texas 

Jan. 25, 2014


美國 LDS 教會領導,安排 Sister Meng Joshua Hough 一起為125號的馬年春節晚會獻上中國書法套餐!旅居達拉斯的麗莎帶領茉莉花民間歌舞團,獻上了優美的中國民間舞蹈,受到與會教友和來賓的一致贊賞!本次馬年春晚聚集了300多華人和美國觀眾。最受歡迎的還是中國書法和中國民間舞蹈!在達拉斯的許多華人家庭參加了這次馬年晚會,豐富的中西食物由教會提供,部分由教友和來賓奉獻。大家依次排隊領取食物。


Selected Chinese Calligraphy Demonstration Videos and Pictures


Beauty (or Romantic Charm) of Dancing for Dallas Jasmines Dance Troupe ( 達拉斯茉莉花舞蹈團 )


Beauty of Dancing written on Chinese calligraphy premounted scroll


The moment as Beauty of Dancing was written on the scroll.












More pictures at Facebook - CalligraPainting Events Album 書畫活動

心想事成 ( 金粉書法 ) As you wish, beautiful things become true.

(A better version written right after today's demo. Gold pigment on 10,000 Years Red Xuan paper.)




Pictures and videos are still being compiled...





These are the uncut, unedited video clips of Joshua Hough's Chinese calligraphy demo at LDS church in Plano on January 25, 2014. This video is in original speed, contains the ink grinding processes and other preparations for Chinese calligraphy, necessary communications with the audiences, and failed attempts and retrials...and is not edited with software to speed up or cut length. The demo lasted more than 2 hours but my camcorder only recorded for 1 hour 43 minutes. The purpose of this video is to help the general public, especially those who have no prior contacts and experiences of Chinese calligraphy, to realize that Chinese brush writing is not just coming out of hands by dipping the ink and then writing. There are, indeed, many other processes not captured. Many times when I have calligraphy demonstrations, most people who have not practiced Chinese calligraphy, either native Chinese or non-Chinese, will assume it's just writing with a brush loaded with ink and this can go as fast as pen or pencil writing. They would be so impatient or surprised at my slow Kaishu writing speed but at the same time will be amazed by my extremely fast Walking Style and Running Style writing speeds. (I did not write Kaishu today... even my best Chinese friends would be so impatient about my Kaishu writing speeds.) Why? There are indeed legitimate methodologies and techniques behind those. Beauty does not come freely without efforts and knowledge. Enough said, I hope those who have a chance to watch this video to understand that I am sharing Chinese calligraphy for the sake of art in a respectful way. And I sincerely hope that more people will respect the proper ways Chinese calligraphy should be performed in public. After all, art speaks for itself. Finally just one question, "Would you like to receive an excellent calligraphy sample in a slower way and then keep it for long time" or "would you like to receive a mediocre or defective calligraphy sample in a quick environment and then throw it away after a few days?"


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