Chinese Calligraphy Demonstrations for 2014 

Exhibition of Chinese CalligraPainting @ Dallas Chinese Community Center

達拉斯 中華書畫習作展 開幕揮毫

July 19, 2014


Exhibition Schedule: Starting from July 19, 2014 for two weeks.

Three other Chinese calligraphers and Joshua were invited to do live calligraphy demonstrations for the opening ceremony. Since we just had an event with New York artists weeks ago, there were not so many people attending today. Each of us was assigned 30 minutes to write. I wrote directly on five Premounted Blank Scrolls for 20 minutes after the other three calligraphers finished writing in about 40 minutes. So none of us wrote for 30 minutes.



Joint exhibition of some of the Chinese CalligraPainting practitioners in DFW area.




Opening ceremony and calligraphy demonstration




"真命天子 日日有財現 唯吾知足" 合文書法

I found out "真命天子" can be written together three years ago.

The other two Combined Characters are popular on the Internet.

You may use Google Images to search for 日日有財現書法 and 唯吾知足書法.

真命天子 The son of Heaven; the man of a woman's life.

日日有財現 Day after day there is wealth appearing.

唯吾知足 Only I feel satisfied.

Many people were interested in the Combined Characters of this calligraphy work.

Mr Tsao, former President of Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce also liked this one.




書模 (書法模特):  書法活動或展覽時, 幫助推廣書法的女性模特

Calligraphy Model: A female model who helps promote art in a Chinese calligraphy demonstration or an exhibition.

This scroll was dedicated to Ms. Yao from China who is also a good calligrapher.

A calligraphy model has other meanings as described in Principles of Chinese Calligraphy.








There are many results of 墨緣 from Google Images.

墨緣書法 书法墨缘 



天道酬勤 (Heaven rewards the diligent or God helps those who help themselvs) is placed on top.

Some of my students' and my work in the joint exhibtion (several students are out of town.)

天道酬勤 書法



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