Chinese Calligraphy Demonstration for 

Lunar New Year Celebration @ Elite Multi-Cultural Center 

Feb 22, 2015


Today we had an extremely bad weather. People came in late and we started around 2PM and finished late around 3:30PM. 

We had this winter's first snow on Monday morning around 5 PM.




Benevolence & Longevity Good Fortune




Gift for Mr. Stanley Wong and his wife who had asked for calligraphy in January 2014 before Flora T. left for Taiwan.

Mr. and Mrs. Wong have been committee members and devotees of Dallas Buddha Light Temple for many years.

They are also members of Dallas Cantonese Opera Society.



福恩滿堂 Good Fortune & Grace Abundant in the Family




God of Gamblers! Rejoice in Year of Goat and Become a Billionaire.
(For fun only - not for promoting gambling)





中國旗袍會 達拉斯分會 China Cheongsam Association, Dallas Chapter

Their president of Dallas Chapter, Renee Zhang (standing left). 

The Dallas Chapter has over 300 members. They are going to have an opening ceremony and Qi Pao show soon.

This calligraphy work China Cheongsam Association, Dallas Chapter was not so well written due to the weather and stress.

A few months later, we had a joint picnic and a final Cheongsam competition with better calligraphy written on scrolls as shown below.









 An auto shop's name ( 如意車行 ) written on the calligraphy scroll for the owner.

Jubilation for the owner of the auto shop.



Shunbo demonstrating calligraphy and writing for the audiences.






During today's Chinese calligraphy demo, Shunbo and I were invited to speak on behalf of 

達拉斯中華書畫協會 Dallas Chinese Calligraphy & Painting Association

I was elected as the 4th President of the Association on Jan. 31, 2015. Shunbo was appointed as one of three VPs.








When we finished celebration around 3:30PM, I was heading for Walnut Mall next to Hong Kong supermarket for another calligraphy demonstration. This is the fourth day of Vietnamese celebration of lunar New Year. However, when Ms. Hu and I arrived there we realized it had already ended a lot earlier today due to the bad weather. Then we stayed there chatting with Jason Liu, the owner of a bookstore and an art store. Hu bought five Qi Pao for a good price and promised Liu that she will promote his business to the Dallas Chapter of China Cheongsam Association. We are preparing for their opening celebration and will perhaps do a joint demonstration of Chinese arts. 





Videos are still being compiled...will be added later.




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