Chinese Calligraphy Demo for 

Chinese New Year Celebration

@ LDS Church, Plano

February 7, 2015


There are four Chinese calligraphers writing today: Shunbo, Jinki, Yao, and Joshua.


經過兩個多月的籌劃與聯絡, 終於使得此活動圓滿成功

也感謝其他的書法同道一起前來助興, 讓春節活動留下美好的回憶, 使書法推廣在達拉斯與各種社團節目能夠更加密切配合











Pictures and videos are still being compiled...more will be added later after the last event for lunar new year celebrations.




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All selected videos and pictures have been uploaded on 2014.xx.xx.