Chinese Calligraphy and Chinese Brush Painting Demonstration for 

Plano International Festival

布蘭諾國際文化節   書法國畫表演

October 17, 2015



The first half of the video is my landscape drawing and conversation with the audience. 

The second half is Jinki adding some light colors to the landscape.



何三和與晏靜合繪山水"道法自然"Plano 國際文化節   贈送 Plano 亞裔文化節創辦人李鍵博士

A joint work titled "The Dao follows the nature" by Jinki and me dedicated to Dr. Li Jian, the founder of the Plano Asian Festival. Painted at the Plano International Festival. I did most of the drawing before Jinki added some light colors.

It could have been better if I was not interrupted to do Chinese calligraphy for the audience during painting this work and if Jinki and I had cooperated before.

A Chinese brush painting can be done jointly by two or several painters. Just like piano duos, a joint work is a spiritual conversation, a friendly exchange, and a silent challenge between artists.


晏靜"寶貝"淡彩敷色, 讓這一幅國畫地主題更為突顯
Jinki added some light colors to this landscape painting after I finished drawing.

(Picture submitted by Dr. Jian Li)

For a Vietnamese lady



Chinese family name , pronounced as Gao, literally tall.








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Good fortune or blessings,








I love you ( 我愛你 ) in Chinese calligraphy




















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Joshua's Journal:


Time management is really important.

QiPao last night 12 AM parking lot no sleep

nothing to bite; empty stomach

Mr. Wong sharing learning

three curved-lines angles; subconciousness calculation to levels while people talking

pop corn

several events; phone calls, messages, WeChat everyday/ working overtime; accounting work due

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