Chinese Calligraphy Demo 

Asian Night Market Festival @ 211 North Ervay, Dallas Downtown

2-10PM, October 3, 2015







永軒 ( 男孩中文名以書法書寫 ) A boy's name Yung Xuan





妙手回春 A doctor's miraculous hands can get back the youth and health for patients 






Good fortune  




Horse, Horse, Rat, Snake




Joshua's Journal:

Many thanks for the help from Yu and Troy and the kindness of Venti for organizing this wonderful event! My assistants and I had great time, enjoyed the food, and made money from selling calligraphy and Chinese painting. We did not take enough pictures and did not record most of my writings. Instead, we enjoyed every bite of the traditional Asian food. As the food vendors were busy serving people in lines, we had little space to turn around in the building located on the 8th floor of 211 N. Ervay, Dallas which is a few blocks from Dallas First Baptist Church.

Today I was going to demonstrate landscape painting on pre-mounted blank scrolls. However, due to the crowds I had to pause painting and concentrate merely on calligraphy. 

After I arrived home, it was nearly 11:30PM. I had a unique of sense of 氣鼓盪 which is not so common in my practice.




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