Chinese Calligraphy Demo for 

US-China Chamber of Commerce Dallas 2015 Chinese New Year Celebration

@ Eisemann Center, Richardson

February 11, 2015


George (an employee at Eisemann Center), Peace


Regina (George's wife), Love 

Today's pictures of guests and audiences:

喜氣洋洋 書法(行草書)

Full of Joy and Jubilation for Mr. Kuang of Dallas Cantonese Opera Society



Fang Hua & Jesse Hwong's given names. (Jesse and I were classmates at Cheng Ming. Fang-Hua is Jesse's older brother.)


Heart Sutra




Betty holding a lucky phrase "Rejoicing in the Year of Goat and Becoming a Billionaire"

洋洋得意 has the same pronounciation as 羊羊得()



Nilon (World Calligraphy Convention - Google it), Pat, , 

Nilon told me there was a world calligraphy conference here at Eisemann Center months ago and that had he known me he would have invited me.

International Lettering Arts Conference



Pictures and videos are still being compiled...will be added later after the last event for lunar new year celebrations.





Due to distractions such as space and time limitation and noises, substandard samples are not included here.


Videos (if recorded and available)

Please double click the video to watch in full screen.































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