2016 Flag Ceremony @ Dallas Chinese Community Center

達拉斯華人活動中心 2016元旦升旗典禮 書法揮毫

Chinese Calligraphy Demonstration

Jan. 1, 2016



Mr. Greg Ho, Mr. R. Wang & Mr. Ardon Chang




Today's ceremony was also in honor of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen's 150th birthday. Dr. Sun Yat-Sen is the founder of Republic of China. He overthrew the Qing Dynasty which was founded by the Machurian family of my teacher's teacher, Dr. Pu Ru, one of the greatest Chinese CalligraPainters of the twentieth century. Dr. Sun was born in the Cuiheng Village in Guandong Province within 1 mile of the orignial place where my ancestors moved to Taiwan about four hundred years ago. When I started learning calligraphy with Master Lin at age nine, my father told me our village neighbor President Sun Yat-Sen was also a great calligrapher and many famous Chinese policitians were also famous for their calligraphy.

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, a politician, medical doctor and calligrapher, wrote 天下為公 (The World Is For All) and 博愛(philantropism; universal love) many times during his lifetime. The duplicates can be seen in many Chinese buildings and institutions.





My friend, Jerry Mok, who just became the President of the Joint Chinese Clubs in Dallas, asked me to duplicate the two phrases and presented them to the Cultural Center of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Houston. I wrote these on two pre-mounted blank scrolls while they were singing our national anthem during the flag ceremony.

天下為公 博愛 書法

The World Is For All and Universal Love on Chinese calligraphy scrolls.




天下為公 書法







Joshua's Journal:

Today I only wrote less than 10 pieces for the audience. They were asking me to write monkey and dragon mostly, with one horse. Then I told them paper was out. Actually we did not have enough time since the staffs of DCCC need to go home for holidays and close the building at 1pm. I told the audience that the Dallas Chinese Calligraphy & Painting Association will have a bigger event on January 23 with more calligraphers and painters doing live demonstrations - Please just read the Chinese newspaper advertisment! 

Today I also received six books from Mr. Chen ( 陳龍禧 ). My profile starts at page 103.

Jerry Mok, friends, and I had Dim Sum at Maxim's for lunch.



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