Celebrate the Year of the Dog @ Five Sixty atop Reunion Tower

with Wolfgang Puck and Executive Chef Jacob Williamson

& Chinese Calligraphy Demonstration

Feb. 28, 2018, 6-10PM by Dallas Chinese Calligrapher Joshua Hough



Highlights of Today's Demo


Thanks to Allie for ordering fancy Chinese calligraphy paper from Amazon Easyou store - Harmony on scroll.

Wine for Ian, the manager of Five Sixty.

Moreno for the tallest man.



YouTube video: Chinese calligraphy demo at Five Sixty atop Reunion Tower - People with calligraphy on their chairs.



Antique Xuan paper from Amazon Easyou逸優文房四寶 - 仿古宣

Affinity (right); Love (left) in Chinese calligraphy semi-cursive style 行書書法

The audience loved the varieties of paper and I liked the sensitive touches between my hand, brush, ink, and the paper.



Names translated phonetically: 

Adil, Ava, Bobby, Dailyn, Ella, Hadley, Juana, Kaylor, Kurf, Sandra, Sherri, Sidd, and Wood in Chinese calligraphy      


Names translated phonetically (Vertical layout):

Cynthia, Dailyn, Jessie, Slaaya

Short words in Chinese:

Give; Healthy; Nature; Virtue

(A phrase to describe the desired quality of sound of Guqin, the ancient Chinese piano)


My Booth

It was rainy when I arrived.


It took at least 20 minutes for the ink to completely dry on those fancy Xuan paper. 
To protect the artwork, I had to place those written pieces on another table.




Some pieces and horizontal layout of names on red paper need to be reproduced later.



Joshua's Journal:

I am recovering from bronchitis and coughing these days. No camcorder was used for recording any writing today. Only cell phone video for a circular walk inside the restaurant.



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