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Dear All,

Thank you for including Chinese calligraphy in your program and your time in planning our upcoming event. It is my dearest wish to promote the Art of Chinese Calligraphy and share the joy and its spiritual beauty with you.



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(Except for classes and workshops, the paper, ink, materials, and supplies are all included in the hourly rate.)


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Step 4: About the hourly rate and total cost For hourly rates or other questions, please click here.

A minimum of two hours is required.
Chinese calligraphy requires deliberate mental design and concentration. Unlike autographs or daily writing, Joshua will not rush writing your requests at the sacrifice of artistic quality. You surely will be happier to receive your names or phrases if they are done with all due submission and respect. 

Due to the technicality of Chinese writing brush, I usually write between 9 to 15 (usually 12) English " first names" per hour if I am not interrupted. That is a total average of 40 to 50 Chinese characters per hour at normal and artistic speed. Faster speed will most likely distort the artistic essence of Chinese brush writing and may disappoint each recipient.

An event for one and half hours will be counted as two hours. One-hour arrangement will not be accepted.


The hourly rate will be doubled during the tax filing period in March. No appointment will be available between April 1 and April 15. (I am also working as a public accountant.) I will write names or short phrases for the audiences' requests on different colors of Shuan Paper for free if the event organizer has paid for the event. All materials and supplies are included in the hourly rate except for teaching classes and workshops. 

Because Chinese calligraphy paper is extremely light and thin, indoor settings are strongly recommended and this will help utilize our time more efficiently and make the recipients more satisfied with their written Chinese names. Outdoor settings will most likely affect the artistic quality of brush strokes and reduce the efficiency of time.

2 Hours 
3 Hours 
4 Hours 
Charity Activity - Please write your comment below.
2 Hours in March (hourly rate will be doubled due to tax filing period)
3 Hours in March (hourly rate will be doubled due to tax filing period)
4 Hours in March (hourly rate will be doubled due to tax filing period)

More than 4 hours
Best offer  $


Step 5: Settings

Please provide two chairs and two tables - one for brush writing and the other for displaying samples and the guest book for audiences to sign up their requests. Each table may be 24 x 48 inches or smaller size. During brush writing, the table cannot be moved or touched, otherwise the brushstrokes will look "shaking." To save our time of repeatedly reminding our audiences (especially children) and make them satisfied during our time limit, it's strongly recommended to prepare two tables.

Table cloth is not necessary (usually not recommended.) Ink will not smear the the tables.


It's also recommended that the event organizer do not combine lion dance, drum playing, or any loud music with calligraphy writing at the same time or at the same spot due to the mental concentration required for Chinese calligraphy.



Step 6: Comments or instructions


Joshua will be there 15 minutes prior to the event to set up. This will not be counted for the hourly rate.

Another mutual confirmation by e-mail or phone is required at least two days prior to the event. 



Step 7: Click  to schedule or get a quote.

Thank you.