Email Order of English Names & Short Phrases in Digital Copies
Written in Chinese Calligraphy

It's encouraged that the customer purchase paper copies. 
All purchasers of paper copies will also receive digital copies.
Digital copy customers will be subject to the following restrictive policies due to shorter processing time.

Policies for Purchasing Digital Copies

Except for business logos or specific needs, paper copies are recommended rather than digital copies. 
All customers who purchase paper copies will also receive digital copies by e-mail. (the Preview feature)

1. If a customer decides at first to purchase digital copy instead paper copy:
After the customer views the digital copy, if s/he then decides to purchase the paper copy in which the digital copy was written, the customer will have to pay the difference between (a) and (b), plus 20% of this difference.
(a) = the paper copy price according the General Price Charts plus S&H for a paper copy 
(b) = the amount the customer has already paid for the digital copy
The surcharge of 20% of the above difference (a) - (b) is due to the different number of days to process a paper copy (3 to 10 business days) and a digital copy (1 to 3 business days). Both paper and digital copies are done with same artistic attitude.
2. If a customer adds "Express Service" for ordering a digital copy, the customer will opt out the right to purchase the paper copy of the same order. This is to maintain fairness for those customers who pay for paper copies with "rush service" as listed in
3. The maximum number of "English short phrases" may not exceed 15 English words in total per order of digital copy. That means a customer may order up to 5 "English short phrases" per digital copy. This is to maintain fairness for those customers who pay for paper copies according to  



English names and short phrases written in Chinese calligraphy are available for order as digital copies. Processing time is more prompt, available 1 to 3 business days after the day payment is received (with the restrictions in the above policies.) The orders will be processed by Joshua Hough's calligraphic writing. They are not done with computer, calligraphy dictionary, model books, or by other parties and sources. They are digital and absolutely original

Images will be large and clear enough for your printout. You may save it on your hard disk before printing. 

Example of size: The resolutions of all digital images will not be less than this sample. Please click to view details. (Best viewed on MSN Explorer or you may enlarge the picture in the Internet Explorer.)

Name translation for Russell

How to Order Digital Copies of English Names & Short Phrases

Please use the "Tab" key or the mouse for the next entry. Pressing "Enter" will submit the form. If you press the "Enter" before you finish filling this form, simply try again. (You will not be double charged.)


Step 1: Please enter your contact information.

Full name



Step 2: Please type your desired content - first name, last name, full name, a phrase or phrases.

You may choose to purchase multiple name(s) & phrase(s). Please add the dollar amount.



Each first name or last name only


Each full name


An "English short phrase" (no more than 3 English words or terms) will be 


Each additional "English short phrase" will be $10. 
(Maximum number of "English short phrases" may not exceed 15 English words in total per order. That means a customer may order up to 5 "English short phrases" for digital copies. This limitation is only for phrases; there is no limit for names.


Express Service - Guaranteed in 36 hours after payment is received

Add $20



Step 3: Make an online payment with PayPal. Orders will be processed only after payment is received. 

  It is not required to set up a PayPal account to make a payment.  


Step 4: Choose your preferred Chinese calligraphy style and specifications. 
(All digital copies will be written on white Shuan paper. Actual size of characters will be determined by the calligrapher to match the requirement of resolutions with the above sample "Russell".)

Let the calligrapher suggest, or choose one of the following styles:

Li (Clerical Style) Hsin (Walking Style) Kai (Standard Style)


If  you have multiple phrases or names to be written in different styles or orientations, please type in the box in Step 2.


What orientation of the Chinese characters do you prefer?

Landscape (horizontal)
Portrait (vertical)
Let the calligrapher suggest


Step 5: Click to submit this order.  Thank you! A digital copy will be sent to your e-mail account soon.


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