Choosing A Size for Custom Chinese Calligraphy Work


If you do not know Chinese language, you probably will not know the exact number of Chinese characters for your request or the size of each character to fit into your preferred paper size or frame. Some customers who do not know Chinese language sometimes choose a U.S. standard frame size, say 5" x 5" or 14" x 11", to confine the characters to fit into a predetermined size.

In contrast to Western calligraphy, Chinese calligraphers write more freely to express the artistic spirit and do not pursue font-like or mechanical uniformity. Considering the spacing between each Chinese character and different Chinese calligraphy styles, it's strongly recommended that: 

(1) You enter your preferred Chinese character size and then Joshua will make recommendation for your paper size. The price of custom calligraphy work (not including mounting or scrolls) is based on the size and number of Chinese characters, not paper size.


(2) You may enter your preferred paper size and Joshua will select the size of the characters. If you are not looking for mounting or a scroll, the paper size will not increase the price. However, if you are looking for mounting or scrolls, their prices are based on the paper size.

Due to many artistic and technical considerations, it's not advisable to designate the layout and size of Chinese characters to fit a standard frame size. Even the characters of the current Standard Style are not perfectly square. To designate certain Chinese calligraphy styles or certain number of Chinese characters to fit into a certain size of paper or a frame without considering other factors will most likely distort the artistic quality.

In a word, if you are looking for a custom Chinese calligraphy work that is more artistically done, we have to consider at least the sizes of the characters, spacing, paper, and calligraphy style, not merely the standard frame size.


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