Plano International Festival @ Haggard Park

Chinese Calligraphy Demonstration

by Dallas Chinese Calligrapher Joshua Hough

October 14, 2017 (11AM-3PM)



Calligraphy Scroll dedicated to Wing Chun GM Leung Ting, a Kungfu brother of Bruce Lee





 The Great Way of Wing Chun Martial Arts dedicated to GM Leung Ting (Bruce Lee's Kungfu brother) 



The Great Way of Wing Chun dedicated to GM Leung Ting (a Kungfu brother of Bruce Lee; a young disciple of GM Yip Man)

Jason Bolanz, Leung Ting & William Parker

Bolanz presented the scroll to GM Leung during a seminar on October 20 in San Antonio.







Welcome, Immigratioin, and SUCCESS!



Sharla from my neighboring booth tried Chinese calligraphy brush on water writing paper.


Sharla from the Sent Church has an immigration office. She wants me to write "welcome" so she can put it in her office to welcome her clients. I suggested that welcoming your clients may not suffice. You need to welcome your clients, complete their immigration cases successfully, and they can receive their green cards happily. Success is the result.

Sharla is from a Wesleyan church. I shared with her that I was baptized in a Wesleyan Methodist Church in Taiwan. She is a wonderful and nice Christian. When we first arrived around 10AM, she agreed to let me rearrange my table as the space was very limited.


Welcome, Immigratioin, and SUCCESS! written by Joshua Hough




Photo album by Mr. Dan Tian (the current President of North Texas Asian Photographers' Association)




My assistant calligrapher today was Ms. May Qin. We met at the Cheongsam competition in August and she expressed her great interest in calligraphy. As the chief judge, I invited her to participate the Chinese calligraphy competition at the Confucius Institute of UT Dallas. She won the first prize. (She has not become my student so far.) 

I invited her to help today. She became even more popular than I was! She stayed for about one and half hour today. 

Before she began to write, I wrote two lines (20 characters) on her specialty paper. She had been using that paper to practice copying Zhao Mengfu's calligraphy model. It is a deluxe paper but somewhat very absorbent like cloth or linen. I have never used this kind of paper. She does not know the name of the paper. I told her I had not been practicing at home for a long long time and I wish to enjoy practicing... (This is my only instruction for May so far.) Many people assume that I spend lenghty hours to practice calligraphy at home. I wish that was true. I would suggest to May that it is not advisable to practice cursive and semi-cursive Chinese calligraphy with grid paper. The characters have to flow without boundaries.

I told May's husband Mr. Sun that I have been demonstrating in Plano Haggard Park for eleven years. It's time to find another person to share the task or mission of transmitting this Chinese art.



Commitee of Plano Asian Festival:




The Plano Asian Festival committee has been sponsoring my booth at the Plano Haggard Park every year since 2007. On May 5, we appeared on Good Morning Texas to promote the annual Plano Asian Festival. Each year at Haggard Park, we have Plano Asian Festival on the first Saturday of May and Plano International Festival in October. The purpose of setting our booth today is to bring more people to the Plano Asian Festival in May.

The President of PAF, Dr. Jian Li, has also sponsored several events at the Courtyard Theater for the Dallas Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Association after I became the president in January 2015. I told them that the committee of PAF has all nice people from different Asian countries and they work cooperatively for the same goal to promote and share Asian cultures and arts.

Today I wrote eight words on a scroll for Jian. She is currently teaching children Mandarin at an American school. The eight words are slogans typically seen in many schools of China: Learn really well; make progress every day. When I was writing on this scroll, the Wing Chun instructor was playing with Stephen Lee and they hit my table brutally. Luckily, they did not spoil my paper with ink. Stephen was born in a Tsai Li Fu (Choy Li Fut 蔡李佛) family and they practice that martial arts system for generations. When Jimmy K. Wong hosts martial arts competitions in Dallas, Stephen is the host to those martial artists from other states and countries. He has wide connections with people in Hong Kong including Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Leung Ting, and many others. Stephen is also a founding member/advisor/contributor of the Dallas Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Association. He ran the first Dim Sum restaurant in Dallas. As mentioned elsewhere, whenever I demostrate calligraphy in public, there are always distractions: noises, wind, rain, loud speakers, interrupted writing and conversation, and even people hitting the table. Imagine if your masterly written calligraphy were to be spoiled half way of the writing, what would you feel? As a believer of Calligraphy is the Mind Image, I always wish people can respect others when others are giving a speech, a concert, or a demonstration by keeping silence and not causing distractions. When people request their names to be written phonetically in Chinese calligraphy, I tell them if you prefer higher artistic quality of my calligraphy you better be silent, not moving, and not chatting with phones. For people who do not practice art, usually they do not know artists work with many levels of consciousness and subconsciousness. Artistic mental calculations can be very complex and instantaneous. When the mental design or inspiration is gone in a flash, most of the time you cannot duplicate it, especially for cursive styles of Chinese calligraphy.








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below my par

firm believer of Chinese Calligraphy is the Image of Heart






Qipao Cheongsam Association Celebration Party @ Beiwei 旗袍會慶功宴

Many cultural activities have been oversaturated in Dallas. After the Cheongsam competition in August, we have tried to get together. But most of us have different schedules. After three times of change, we finally have the same time to celebrate today right after the Plano International Festival. Many thanks to President Renee Zhang, the founder of the North America Qipao Association, for sponsoring and including my calligraphy demo in their events. Renee's grandparents were fighting hard for Manchu Restoration until they were imprisoned. Her grandparents, Pu Wei (one of the three top leaders of the Manchu Restoration), my teacher's teacher Pu Ru (one of the top Chinese CalligraPainters of his time), and the last Emperor of China Pu Yi were members of the last Manchurian royal family. Pu Ru and his brother Pu Wei could have become the Emperor, but they lost the chances due to complex political factors.










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Why pictures and videos are not updated so fast?

  • Joshua is working full time as a public accountant. 

  • Teaching Chinese brush painting and calligraphy classes

  • Booking and preparing for next demonstration

  • Selling calligraphy & painting works online worldwide

  • Organizing pictures and videos between several computers, cell phones, and hard drives for storage and editing. 

  • Serving as the President of Dallas Chinese Calligraphy & Painting Association from January 2015 and January 2018. (Hopefully someone else can be the next president in 2018.)

  • Administrator of two WeChat groups of CalligraPainting (One for the Association; one for my classes.)

  • Periodically updating other areas of this Website

  • Various local requests, business activities, and art investment projects

  • Other local cultural activities - Dallas is getting even more culturally diversified than ever, especially for the innumerous activities in the Chinese community. I hope to stay home for more personal practice and more time in painting.


I try to keep everything organized and balanced in life and arts. Usually I add a few most important pictures right after the event, and then eventually come back to add more pictures and videos when I have time.





Due to distractions such as space and time limitation and noises, substandard samples are not included here.


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 Name 3



Name 4



 Name 5



Short phrase 1



Short phrase 2



Short phrase 3







I love you ( 我愛你 ) in Chinese calligraphy





Selected Chinese Calligraphy Demonstration Videos and Pictures

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Joshua's Journal:

 Bruce Lee bottom 

dehydration & thirsty 

30% windy; 50% talking coordination; only 20% left for writing 

popularity Wing Chun vs other martial arts and Shufa Movie Qi Gong link 

Wing Chun world popularity vs Shufa recognition LINK INTRO LONGEVITY uneven ground and chairs 

Thinking of stopping outdoor demo except Haggard Park








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