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Between 2004 and 2009

Chinese Calligraphy & Painting during 2004 and 2009 (Part 1)


以上約略為德藝書法網2004年設立時至2009年期間部份平日書畫練習. 國畫部份大多為未完稿或臨摹練習. 
Selected pictures, practice sheets, activities, and videos of Chinese calligraphy styles and Chinese painting of figure and landscape during 2004-2009 period. The landscapes are left unfinished because I may come up with new ideas and techniques later.

Calligraphy Styles http://www.art-virtue.com/styles/ 
0:21 How to hold a Chinese calligraphy brush http://www.art-virtue.com/principles/index.htm 
0:26 Three Chinese seals (chops) carved by friends
0:30 和平愛喜 peace, love, joy in semi-cursive & cursive styles (dedicated to Russian friends) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9inwFWJWwdU 
0:34 Chinese Calligraphy (Over 300 Characters of Art and Beauty) (Hardcover) from Borders and Amazon, published by
http://www.thecadencegrp.com/ The Cadence Group, 103 Remsen Street #202, Cohoes, NY 12047
The book could be perfected with more time before printing date in Singapore. (I don't have inventories.) 
0:39 Zen board or Buddha board for water writing
0:45 Cursive style copied from Wang Xizhi's 十七帖
1:02 1:08 Two poems copied from Pu Ru's inscriptions on his paintings
1:12 香 (fragrant) copied from Pu Ru's Kai Shu "

1:28 白描人物畫 Chinese figure drawing
1:50 Traced from
Mustard Seed Garden Painting Manual 芥子園畫傳, a famous Chinese painting textbook
1:57 Traced from 陳少梅 work
2:04 unfinished figure drawing
2:08 Copied from 芥子園畫譜

2:20 Water writing with 水書紙板 Zen board 坤堅 禪(Zen)

2:53 初學山水畫臨摹 Early stage of copying landscape paintings using 紫圭毛筆 fine detailed brush    H1e brought from
4:10 copied from
馬駘畫寶 Ma Tai's Painting Treasures
4:19 warm up exercise in light ink

4:28 彝 (wine vessel) in
Oracle Bone Inscriptions 甲骨文
4:34 武當 (Wudang martial arts) in 篆書 (seal scripts)
4:42 長生長樂居 (House of Longevity & Everlasting Happiness) in 隸書 (clerical scripts)
4:55 武 in semi-cursive style
5:00 德州儀器 Texas Instruments on dragon prints scroll

5:18 bamboo and flower exercises



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