Philosophy About Chinese Calligraphy
Updated: 02/15/2013

The way to master the Art of Chinese Calligraphy can be categorized into two major realms: the Brush Methods ( 筆法 ) & the Mental Methods ( 心法 ). Each realm compensates each other. As one makes progress in one realm, s/he also grows in the other. The goal in Chinese calligraphy is to express the innermost beauty of one's soul and spirit combined with one's physical capabilities that elevates one's well being in whole in a balanced lifestyle.

The following are some short articles about philosophy that are related to principles and theories of Chinese calligraphy. I hope by sharing and exchanging these ideas we will be making progress in the study and practice of arts together.

            Perception of Art

            Search for Beauty

            Mission of Art

            Oneness & Duality

            Perfection Is Relative, Not Absolute

            Methodologies of Chinese Calligraphy

            Ergonomics & Physiology of Chinese Calligraphy

            The Picture of Soul

            If You Practice the Wrong Way

            Live With and Without Art