About Chinese Calligraphy "Available for Sale" Items



Calligraphy Artwork Classifications


Shipping & Handling


Original (not mounted)

to B, C, D, G or H

Chart 1


Dry Mounted (i.e. Back Mounting)

to C, D, G or H

Chart 1


Silk Mounted

to G

Chart 2


Wallpaper Mounted

to H

Chart 2


Mini Scroll (Silk Mounted)


Chart 2


Mini Scroll (Wallpaper Mounted)


Chart 2


Scroll (Silk Mounted)


Chart 3


Scroll (Wallpaper Mounted)


Chart 3


When using PayPal, minimum shipping (U.S. Postal Service with Signature Confirmation) in the U.S. will be added for each respective item.  You do not need to set up a PayPal account to make a payment with PayPal. PayPal can accept credit card payment or bank transfers. Click on "continue" near the bottom of the PayPal WebPage and be sure to enter your e-mail address correctly.

If you want to purchase more than one item, need faster shipping, or consider upgrading an item, or if you are located outside the United States, please contact Joshua at ArtsAndVirtue@MSN.com first. When referring to a specific item by e-mail, please copy the address including the complete file name of the respective item from your browser, such as:



Usually there are at least three copies in stock for each item of the same calligraphy style and specifications. If an item is sold out and is not within the calligrapher's recent schedule to re-create another copy, please leave your email by using the button. 

To prevent seal ink from diffusing to blur the paper and brushstroke during the mounting process, seals will be added to the "upgradeable" items after they have been upgraded (i.e., mounted with silk or to scrolls) in most cases, or to be suggested and discussed before delivery.

Except for upgrading purposes, all "Available for Sale" items are shipped immediately (usually one to two days) after payment is received. All sales are final and not refundable. After a customer has paid for an "Available for Sale" item, 2 to 6 high definition pictures showing every details of the artwork will be e-mailed to the customer to ensure that the artwork is free from any defects. Some of the large pictures may contain whiter or brighter area on the paper near the top corner. This is due to the lighting during the camera shot.

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