Theories of Chinese Calligraphy

Updated: 02/15/2013

The secrets to master Chinese calligraphy include diligent practice and comprehension of brush principles and calligraphy theories. The theories are insights derived from observance of principles during practice. The principles and theories are mutually and closely related. 

The following are some short essays of Chinese calligraphy theories adapted from books, exchanges, and my personal comprehension. I hope by sharing and exchanging these ideas we will be making progress in the study and practice of Chinese calligraphy together.

Your questions, comments, and corrections are deeply appreciated.

Contents of Basic Theories About Chinese Calligraphy

            Methodologies of Chinese Calligraphy & Published Articles

            Excerpts from Essays & Biographies

            Center Tip Theory -- "Gee & Se" and "Cracking House" Effects

            How to Develop Mind Power in Chinese Calligraphy

            External & Internal Styles of Chinese Calligraphy



            From Structures to Styles

            Creating New Styles

            The Ultimate Source


                歷代書論彙編 *


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Future Contents of Theories to Be Published

  “If you learn my style, your art dies. If your style resembles mine, yours looks vulgar.” ~ Lee Bei-Hai

        Structure of A Character – Stroke, Spacing, Shading, Flowing, Rooting and Overtone

        The Overtone As Implementing Strategy In A Chess Game

        The Spheres of A Character

        The Destiny of A Character

        Falling into Styles and the Dead End: Wang Hsi-Chih’s Various Appearances

  Destruction & Reconstruction of A Character

  Surviving the Vicious Critics

  Overcoming Ego

  The Curse of Standardized Writing into Grids

  Fading Glory of Chinese Calligraphy

  Brief Resurrection of Chinese Calligraphy

  The Hermit Calligraphers

  Connecting Chinese Calligraphy with Other Arts

  Living A Life Without Arts

  Martial Arts Connection to Chinese Calligraphy

  Softness Generates Power (Softness Becomes Strength “Ruan Ze Chiu”)

  Spiritual Connection to Chinese Calligraphy

  The Myth of the Swimming Fish -- Synesthesia

  The Overwhelming Mind

  The Formless Mind

  Mind Encryption

  Disadvantage of Chinese Calligraphy

  Longevity for Chinese Calligraphers

  Recommended Versions of Masterpieces

  Conversation with Sages

  How to Appreciate Ancient Master Calligraphers’ Work

  How to Criticize Ancient Master Calligraphers’ Work

  How to Revalue Ancient Master Calligraphers’ Work

  Process of Creation

  How to Self-Criticize & Get Rid of Self-Obsessions

  Process of Self-Destruction, Resurrection and Re-Creation

  The Art of (Not) Practicing

  The Art of Relaxation

  With And Without Music / With And Without Brush

  Mind Works   

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