Chinese Calligraphy Demo

For launching the promotion of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, hosted by NBC TV

@ The Crow Collection of Asian Arts

October 3, 2007, 7 to 9 PM

Many thanks to Jennifer (the director at Crow Collection), Murad (a manager of NBC Universal), and friends of Crow Collection for organizing this event. The party was organized to launch the promotion of 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China with the demonstrations of  Chinese lion dancing and calligraphy. The event was broadcast on NBC TV channel ( right after the party.

2008 年北京奧運宣傳, NBC 有線電視台
( 及達拉斯克羅亞洲博物館 ( 邀請了中國醒獅及書法表演, 期使大眾及美國主流社會多了解中國藝術及文化. 該節目當晚即時電視轉播.



Dedication to Murad:



Friends of Crow Collection received gifts from NBC TV and their names translated and written in Chinese calligraphy.

Writing the first character for Cynthia. 







The party was extremely crowded, with the lions and music playing that made the Chinese calligraphic writing more entertaining than educational-oriented which requires uninterrupted mental concentration. We barely had room and time to take pictures, except those videos taken by the public. Due to the insufficient lighting, Joshua had to bend forward a little bit during writing. Chinese brush calligraphy is best done when one's posture and arm positions are ergonomically correct. Unlike daily pen writing, Chinese brush writing is more artistically done in a moderate pace with tranquil mindset.





Writing an Irish family name "Absolom" for a special guest.




"Love" in Chinese Calligraphy Running Style


During the party, a lady came for the Chinese character "love." With the agreements of those who were waiting in line, we gave her Love in less than 10 seconds. The character was done in Running Style, as its name implies, in a fast speed. The other three styles of Seal, Clerical, and Standard are usually better done in a slow or appropriate speed as shown and suggested in other videos here. Only the Running and Walking Styles are written in faster and more rhythmic speed. Hopefully she will keep the Love longer than 10 seconds. A good artwork of Chinese calligraphy, like most classical music, is always soothing the mind and everlasting.

A sample of "Love" in Running Style





For friends of NBC TV:















Other videos and original copies of videos available upon request. (Friends of Crow Collection only)

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