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Chinese Calligraphy & Painting Events:
Workshops, Demonstrations & Exhibitions

Year 2017

Pictures and videos will be added as I am sorting and compiling them.

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DFW Airport (Jan 16, MONDAY, 3-7PM)

Lunar New Year Demo @ DCCC (Jan 28 SATURDAY 10AM-12PM)

Lunar New Year Demo @ Crow Museum on Flora Street (Jan 28 SATURDAY 1PM-6PM)

Eisemann Center (Feb 5 SUNDAY)

Chinese New Year Tasting Dinner @ Five Sixty, Reunion Tower (Feb 7, TUESDAY, 6-10PM)

Mandarin Teachers' Workshop (Mar 11 SATURDAY or/and Mar 12) 

Asian Art Exhibition - Artistic Reception & Demo @ Plano Courtyard Theater (Apr 13, THURSDAY, 5:30-7pm) 

Good Morning Texas (May 5)

Plano Asian Festival (May 6)

Dallas Asian Festival (May 13)

QiPao Competition @ Carrollton Plaza Arts Center (Aug. 26)

Global Village Frisco (Sep. 9)

Calligraphy Contest Award Ceremony @ Confucius Institute (Sep. 30)

Frisco Arts Walk (Oct. 7)

Plano International Festival (Oct. 14)


Year 2018

Chinese New Year Celebration @ Eisemann Center (Jan. 13 SATURDAY)

PAF Promotion @ Willow Bend Mall (Mar. 31)


Year 2016

New Year Day Demo @ DCCC (Jan 1)

Most videos and pictures will be updated after Jan. 22, 2017.

Joint Demonstrations @ Venture Academy, Plano (Jan 23)  

99 Ranch Supermarket Plano 大華超市

Colgin Party (Feb 6)  

旗袍春晚 QiPao Association New Year Show (Feb 6)

QiPao Celebration @ Latino Center (Feb 10 ) 

Reunion Tower  重逢塔 (Feb 10 ) 

Lunar New Year Demo @ DCCC (Feb 13) 

ASIAN CULTURE EXPO @ Courtyard Theater (March 15 - April 15) [Health & Cultural Fair]

Food & Culture Festival @ DCCC (Apr 23) SATURDAY

Plano AsiaFest (May 7) 

Dragon Boat Festvial (May 15) 

West Meets East Concert (Aug 27) SATURDAY

~ upcoming ~

Year 2015

Lunar New Year Party @ LDS Church (Feb 7)

達拉斯美中商會USCCC)新年晚會New Year Performance Gala @ Eisemann Center (Feb 11)

Justgo Supermarket aka Asia World Market (Feb 14)

Elite Multi-Cultural Center (Feb 22)

Artistic Gathering (Mar 21)

Church Fundraising (Apr 24)

Plano AsiaFest (May 2) 

Hilton Worldwide (May 26)

僑委會漢字推廣 Hanzi Promotion  (Jun 28) 

DFW International Airport 達福國際機場Grand Hyatt Hotel, Terminal D, Gate 22. The America Ballroom (Aug 24)

Pipa Concert @ First Presbyterian Church, Richardson (Aug 29)

Jeunesse Moon Festival Party (Sep 5) 

Joint Art Associations Picnic (Sep 26)  

Confucius Institute Day @ UTD Clark Center (Sep 30) 

Asian Night Market Festival (Oct 3)  

Cheongsam Final Competition 旗袍決賽(Oct 16) 

Plano International Festival (Oct 17) 

Jewish Church (Oct 31)

Confucius Institute Workshop (Nov 7) 


Year 2014

Dallas Chinese Community Center New Year 元旦 Party (Jan 1) 

Dallas Buddha Light Temple Exhibition 達拉斯佛光山 (January)

Lunar New Year Party @ Mormon Church  (Jan 25)

Timber Creek Elementary (Jan 31)

HuaYi Chinese School (Feb 15)

AsiaFest Party @ Davis Library (Mar 2)

Plano Asian Festival (May 3)

Dragon Boat Festival (May 18)

International Children's Day (May 25) 

DFW International Airport (May 29)

Tao Arts Association (Jun 15) 

Joint Exhibition @ Dallas Chinese Community Center (Jul 19) 

Renaissance Hotel DCCC Fundraising (Sep 6)


Year 2013

Calligrapainting Exhibition (April 20)

Plano AsiaFest (May 4)

Dallas International Festival (May 25)

Dragon Boat Festival (May 26)

Double Tenth CalligraPainting Exhibition (Oct 5-19)

Association of Oriental Arts (Nov 9)

Fiesta Latinoamericana (Nov 10)

(I am still sorting the pictures and videos taken in the past.)



Year 2012

Texas Instruments (Jan. 27)

Chinese New Year Party (Feb. 3)

Lantern Festival (Feb. 5)

Chinese Lunar New Year @ Maxim's (Feb. 18)

Choctaw Casino (Feb. 28)

Riddle Elementary School (Mar. 22)

Rimagine Grand Opening (May 3)

AsiaFest (May 5)

Dragon Boat Festival (May 20)

Philipino Independence Day (Jun. 9)


Year 2011

New Year Party (Jan. 2)

Reunion Tower (Jan. 24)

Hewlett-Packard (Feb. 9)

Emerson Birthday (Feb. 12)


Plano AsiaFest (May 7)

Dragon Boat Festival (May 15, Booth B, 9AM - 1PM)


Year 2010

New Year Party @ EMAC (Jan. 2)

Lunar New Year Eve @ China One (Feb. 13)

Lantern Festival @ EMAC  (Feb. 28)

Chinese Painting Brush Technqiues @ Tao Arts 
(Apr. 10 )

Hotel Event (Apr. 18)

Plano Asian Festival (May 1)

Cinemark 17 (May 27)

Chinese Concert (Aug 6)

Accenture (Aug. 27)

Ursuline Academy of Dallas (Sep. 29)

Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts (Oct. 22)

Chinese Culture Day (Nov. 13, Saturday, Arlington) 


Year 2009

New Year Party @ EMAC (Jan. 1)

Lunar New Year Party  (Jan. 24)

Lunar New Year Party @ Frito-Lay (Feb. 17)


Dallas CityArts Festival (Jun. 12)

Irving Art Center (Jun. 12)

Latino Cultural Center (Jul. 31)

Chinese Music Concert @ Elite (Aug. 1)

Chinese Music Concert in McKinney (Aug. 7)

Chinese Music Concert @ EMAC (Aug. 8)

Sally Beauty Supply @ Hyatt Regency DFW (Oct. 17)


Year 2008

Crow Collection of Asian Art (Feb. 9)

Texas Instruments
(Feb. 5 德州儀器慶祝春節)

PepsiCo (Feb. 21)

Ursuline Academy (Mar. 5)

Hyatt Regency Reunion (Mar. 10)

Earth International Day @ CCCCD - Preston Ridge Campus (Apr. 16)

Dallas City Arts Festival (Jun. 14)

McKinney Arts Center (Aug. 16)

Betty Zhang's Concert (Aug. 22)



Year 2006
春節書法 Crow Collection of Asian Art (Jan 29)

American Airlines (Jan 31)

Church (Feb. 4)

Art History Super Saturday (Feb. 25)

Lake Ridge Elementary (Feb. 28)

Brookhaven College (Mar. 2)

Chabad Synagogue (Mar. 13)

Nordstrom Galleria Mall (Apr. 7)

美國東方藝術協會Association of Oriental Arts (Apr. 8)

Earth International Day @ CCCCD - Preston Ridge Campus (Apr. 19)

暑期夏令營及中文書法班 Kids Summer Program (Apr.  & Jun. 6 - Aug. 8)

The Women's Museum (May 6)

All Mothers' Day (May 14)

Crow Collection of Asian Art (May 20)

Asian Event @ Frito-Lay (May 22)

Dallas City Arts Festival
  (Jun. 11)

Comcast Spotlight (Jul. 14)

Hai-Hwa Overseas Chinese School - Summer Camp
(Jul. 19)

Association of Oriental Arts (Oct. 14)

Plano International Festival  (Oct. 21)

Dallas China Town  (Dec. 9) 

Year 2007
Joint Exhibition with Association of Oriental Arts (Jan.7 - 28)

Irving Public Library (Jan. 7)

(Feb. 16)

Latino Cultural Center (Apr. 7)

Sichuan Opera (Apr. 15)

Earth International Day (Apr. 18)

Dragon Boat Festival (Apr. 29)

Asian Heritage Festival (May 6)

Microsoft @ Irving (May 16)

Riley's Birthday Party (May 19)

International Book Fair
(July 7 & 8)

idaBaby Grand Opening
(Sep 22)

Chinese Calligraphy / Painting Association Joint Exhibition  
(Sep 22 - Oct 7)

Asia World Market
(Sep 23 - Moon Festival)

NBC Olympics Promotion
@ Crow Museum
(Oct 3)

Asia World Market
(Dec 22 僑冠超市)

Christmas Concert 
@ Elite Arts Center

(Dec 23)


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Dear All:

I have been doing Chinese calligraphy demonstrations since 1995 to 1998, and then from 2005 till today. It is my dearest wish to share the beauty and joy of Chinese brush writing and painting with people of different cultures. In Dallas, not only we have a large Asian population but also rich cultural diversities where we can meet serveral times each year in festivals and art shows.

Joshua interviewed on NBC Good Morning Texas Channel 8


My events or demonstrations at museums, cultural events, festivals, and etc. will be open to the public. The audiences will have a chance to have a piece of sample calligraphy written for their names or short phrases. I have been organizing the pictures and videos taken from those events and list them here chronologically. Up to January, 2014, I have had 100 events in Dallas area. I am still compiling the pictures and videos taken in the past and stored in several hard drives.

God Is Love for Mark Solomon from City of Richardson

If you would like to schedule an event for Chinese calligraphy or a group Chinese painting class, spending a few minutes to browse the different types of plans available will be a lot of easier for communications and plannings.

Most Recent Pictures Added as of 11/27/2017



Joshua Hough

Accountant & Chinese Calligrapher-Painter 

NBC's Olympics Promotion Party in 2007

Writing Peace, Love, Joy in McKinney Performing Arts Center


Crow Collection of Asian Art

Jackie Chan Karate Kid Premiere

Name for HP CEO Rasmussen

Episcopal School of Dallas

The Rock 

Crow Collection of Asian Art

Lake Ridge Elementary

CYLC Summer Camp

Dallas China Town

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Photos by Sam Hsu


Common "Triple" Misnomers About Chinese Calligraphy:

"Can you draw my name in Chinese symbols on the rice paper?"

1. The Chinese written language is called "characters." Chinese characters are made up of strokes, section headings, and radicals. There are no symbols in current Chinese writing.

2. Most Chinese will associate "rice paper" with paper used to wrap candies. In the 18th century when the Europeans tried to get the trade secrets of Chinese writing and painting paper made in Shuan (Xuan) City, they were misinformed it was made of rice! Shuan paper is made of many different plant fibers and may contain ingredients from rice straws. But it is not made of rice.

3. Symbols are drawn and characters (words) are written. Chinese don't "paint" Chinese characters. As a matter of fact, many Chinese teachers and parents strongly forbid children to "draw" or "paint" characters instead of "writing."