Chinese Calligraphy Demo @ Cinemark

for Jackie Chan's Movie Premiere "the Karate Kid"

May 27, 2 to 5 PM, 2010, Dallas, Texas

Pictures & Videos Taken and Submitted by the Public



There were 1200 people (including 800 students) attending this party.
Soon after Jackie Chan arrived around 4:30 PM, it started to rain...

Media News:



Many thanks to Bobbie, our friends and calligraphers for working as a team.
We hope we can work together again to promote Chinese calligraphy in the near future.

A thank you letter from the entertainment company who hired us.















Most supplies and Four Treasures used today were provided by Bookstore & ForbiddenCity2008 on e-Bay.

In Asian cultures when we write people's names with brush and ink, we prefer red paper and do not write on white paper.


Sample Names Written for the Event


More pictures to be added later...

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