Dragon Boat Festival

Chinese Calligraphy & Painting Demonstration

by Dallas Calligrapher & Chinese Brush Painter Joshua Hough

May 15 , 2016 (10AM - 5PM)







Because of the inaccurate weather forecast for thunderstorms, many vendors cancelled and did not come. It turned out just to be a cloudy day with less people participating this year. (Last year the event was cancelled by City of Irving due to the damaged riverbanks caused by the excess rain.)

今年龍舟節, 原先氣象報告是雷雨, 後轉多雲, 不少攤位取消沒來. 遊客比往年少了特別多, 有點冷清.








It was so windy by the lake. When the wind blows, it difficult to concentrate on brushstrokes and to display artwork properly for viewing... Since parking is distance away and I already carried heavy stuffs, I had no boards to stablize displayed samples.








For my teacher Master Eric Hung of Cheng Ming Martial Arts School and his children and niece.

Friends, chess, Eric's niece, bamboos


Writing during the event in windy environment: Reproduced at home studio:













more in my tube 2b smoothed...







Due to extensive schedules and frequent activities and meetings in early 2016, pictures and videos will be updated eventully after May 20.

Pictures and videos are still being compiled...will be added later when I have more time.





Due to distractions such as space and time limitation and noises, substandard samples are not included here.


Videos (if recorded and available)

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Good fortune or blessings,








I love you ( 我愛你 ) in Chinese calligraphy




















Selected Chinese Calligraphy Demonstration Videos and Pictures

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Pictures and videos are still being compiled...will be added later.



Joshua's Journal:

There was no sign in sheet used today since only a few calligraphy requests were done.

Someone was complaining in the early morning just in front of my booth. The issue was about inviting a Chinese calligrapher and a painter from China to demonstrate, exhibit and sell artwork in Dallas. However, both conductor David Wong and my Association have limited funding. The complainer-inviter thought she could receive funding easily from City of Plano, Houston, and local entrepreneurs very easily. However, she and her American husband have been ignored by the City and entreperneurs. She and her husband came to Dragon Boat Festival today hoping that they can get funding from the officers of Consulate-General of PRC in Houston. The officer replied the same way as David Wong did, "We can donate some money to you, but the folks in Dallas (including you) have to contribute money of your own." The problem is the couple does not even want to donate one dollar because they think that they are retired and they have contributed enough by making arranagements with the calligrapher and painter in China. The complainer's stepdaugher is a director of Christian Dior and her stepson is a state attorney and judge. She never asked them to donate. The issue had bothered me weeks ago and caused my insomnia. I sincerely hope that even as a good friend she has to realize not to pass her negative feelings and thoughts to her American husband, family, and finally to me. One should never blame others' selfishness and unwilling to coorperate if one does not want to contribute anything.

For Plano Asian Festival, I slept from 3AM to 7AM before coming to the parking lot. For the Dragon Boat Festival, I slept from 4AM to 6AM and started driving to Lake Carolyn at 7:30AM. Now I am more concerned about personal well being than art promotion. 

Since this event should be the last one during the period from January 1 to the end of May, I guess I can take a break now. During the first half of 2016, I have declined about five events (an American school, 99 Ranch Market in Carrollton, Cantonese Society of North Texas, UNT in Denton, Dallas Asian Festival...) due to conflicts of schedules. As the current President of Dallas Chinese Calligraphy & Painting Association, I wish not to mix my personal events with those of the Association's which had had pushed my lunch schedules from 1:30 PM to 4:00 PM during March and April due to all kinds of coordinations and communications with email, phone, and WeChat. As of now, personal serenity and shedules should be my number one priority. Since early this year I have turned down several online orders of my calligraphy - I really had no more time.






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