Colgin's Party

Chinese Calligraphy Demonstration

by Dallas Chinese Calligrapher Joshua Hough

Feb. 6, 2016 (1-3 PM)



Spiritual for Vanessa Borg Guild, a meditation, Yoga, and life coach (

I told Vanessa that I remembered seeing her on magazines before.


Ms. Colgin, Vanessa, and their friends practice meditation together. Today during their party I was invited to write lucky words on cardstock. Each guest received a cardstock with calligraphy as a new year party gift.

By watching me write with brush and ink, Vanessa was one of the ladies today that figured out that I practice meditation as well. Meditation, indeed, had helped me develop brush techniques to a higher level since I met Master Chan Mei-Hsiu in 1996.

I was invited by Ms. Colgin to give a two-minute speech on the physical, spiritual, and artistic benefits derived from practicing meditation.












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Good fortune or blessings,








I love you ( 我愛你 ) in Chinese calligraphy




















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Joshua's Journal:


Time management is really important.






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