Silk Brocade Selections for "Silk Mounting" or "Scrolls"

Please make selections of silk patterns and colors for your order of Silk Mounting or a Customized Scroll. The various scroll styles in the Scroll Styles Webpage are adapted from books and resources from China. Each dynasty and area of China have different customs, styles, and formats to mount a scroll, thus no single factory or gallery in China can carry all silk patterns. 

Joshua Hough and his associates import the finest quality of silk brocades directly from the best galleries in Beijing, China. (American fabrics stores don't sell Chinese silk brocades for mounting Chinese arts. The silks specifically used for mounting Chinese arts are different from those used for other purposes.) This webpage will be updated per our inventory of silk brocades. Our goal is to bring to you valuable collections of Chinese calligraphy and painting mounted with silk brocades that will enhance your appreciation of Chinese brush arts.


Silk Mounting

Your order of Silk Mounting will be mounted with the silk pattern(s) and color(s) you select.



Your order of customized scrolls will be mounted with your selected silk brocade(s). Even in the capital of China, no mounting specialist or gallery can guarantee to use exactly the same floral patterns and colors of the silk brocade shown in the Scroll Styles Webpage. And we cannot, either. We will match the scroll formats using our current inventory of silk brocades and, if necessary, similar silk patterns dyed with another color.  (The dye on silk will take additional 5 to 10 days to dry. Please add these days to the estimated number of days to receive your order.) You will receive an e-mail with suggested pictures of the scroll before the making of the scroll. 

Joshua Hough assures that his associate mounter will not use markers or colored highlighter pens to mark picture core liners or scroll edge wrappings like some mounting factories and galleries do. We use dyed Shuan Paper (as used in China), silk brocades, cotton or polyester ribbons for the liners, decorative strips, and edge wrappings. The mounter reserves the right to choose the colors, materials, and widths of the inner liners, edge wrappings, and decorative strips due to artistic and technical reasons. Once these strips and liners are mounted, they cannot be peeled.


The unique texture of Chinese silk used for mounting artwork

Click to View Silk Brocade Patterns / Colors
(The Coke only helps to show the size of the floral patterns.
The computer screen  may not show exact color and shades of the brocade.)

(may be dyed to match your color)


(may be dyed to match your color)


(may be dyed to match your color)


(original color is yellow; 
not recommended to be dyed with other color)


(original color is gold; 
cannot be dyed)
Currently Out of Stock


(original color is nearly green; 
cannot be dyed)


(original color between orange and red; cannot be dyed)


(original color between bright yellow and gold; cannot be dyed)



These brocades are only available for the 2-color and 3-color 
format Silk Mounting or Scrolls in the "Headers and Footers" or 
"Upper and Lower Separate Waters"
(whichever are smaller in area.)

An additional surcharge will apply. 
The BF series are available from American fabric stores.

They cannot be dyed with other colors. 
They are not for 1-color format Silk Mounting or Scrolls due to several technical reasons.











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Last modified: 03/31/2012