Sung Dynasty (960 - 1179)
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The Sung Dynasty artists continued the traditions passed down from the Five Dynasties Period, and in both the landscape art of the north rugged, steep and precipitous and in the south alluring, misty and elegant scenes were created in which one could travel, gaze, wander and dwell. In paintings of the Sung Dynasty, one could find animals, birds, flowers and humans that were not only accurately depicted in shape and manner, their internal substance, emotions, ideas, and aspiration were also captured by the artists.


 WangHsiMeng.jpg (149825 bytes)

Thousand Miles of River and Mountains (Wang Hsi-Meng)



 SpringMountain.jpg (61698 bytes)

Spring Mountains (Zhao Bo-Gu)


Immortal in Splashed Ink (Liang Kai)



LiangKai2.jpg (104276 bytes)

Lee Bai Strolling (Liang Kai)



 MagpiesAndHare.jpg (88143 bytes)

Magpies and Hare (Tsui Bai)

Travelers by Streams & Mountains (Fan Kuan)


 WildFlowersBlackRabbit.jpg (129336 bytes)

Wild Flowers and Black Rabbit (Anonymous)


 Kitten.jpg (111115 bytes)

Kitten (Anonymous)


Bamboo by Wen Tong

Wen Tong ( 文同 ) loved painting bamboos. He planted bamboos around his house and observed how they grew in different seasons. Whenever he gained new understandings and insights, he would get the paper and ink ready to paint bamboos. Before he started painting, the images, temperament, and spiritual consonance of the bamboos were already created in his mind. Hence the famous Chinese saying "胸中有成竹 (literally having had the images of the bamboos ready in one's bosom)" which means having had ready plans or designs in one's mind before commencing a new task so that its success is guaranteed. 

He cast a strong influence on Lee Kan ( 李衎 ), another famous bamboo painter in the Yuan Dynasty.



 Fish.jpg (171403 bytes)

Fish and Waterweeds in Spring (Liu Tsai)  


 Mountains.jpg (99690 bytes)

Mountains and Pines in Spring (Mi Fu)


 Crane.jpg (61829 bytes)

Crane Calling Over A Clear Stream (Ma He-Chih)


CowherdsFleeingStorm.jpg (98531 bytes)

Cowherds Fleeing A Storm (Lee Di)


CrossingBridge.jpg (138377 bytes)

Crossing A Bridge with A Staff (Bi Liang-Shu)


SparrowsPlumBlossoms.jpg (112065 bytes)

Sparrows and Plum Blossoms


WildVegetableInsects.jpg (86607 bytes)

Wild Vegetable and Insects


 ShrikeAndBamboo.jpg (96568 bytes)

Shrike and Bamboo (Lee An-Zong)  

FishAndAquaticGrasses.jpg (105359 bytes)

Fish and Aquatic Grasses (Fan An-Ren)


 NobleScholar.jpg (242919 bytes)

Noble Scholar Under A Willow (Anonymous)



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