Wei & Jin Dynasties

Wei Dynasty (220-265)

From the Wei and Jin Dynasties, rolls began to replace papers and cloth. Mud Seals eventually became unpopular. Seals were not only used for identification and certification, they were also used in calligraphy and painting works for embellishment.


Jin Dynasty (West Jin 265-316, East Jin 317-420)


In the early Jin Dynasty, positions to make seals were also set up in the government. During this time, some seals were made in Kai Shu.


The official seals of the Wei and Jin Dynasties were following the traditions of the Han Dynasty.





North Dynasty (386-577), South Dynasty (420-589), and Sui Dynasty (581-618)

Seals on wood were made. One of them was said to be the largest seal ever made in the history of China.


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