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Your full name and location (for estimation of shipping & handling) are required.

1. Shuan paper:

2. Content of order:  your English name(s) or the recipients' name(s)
    Preferred paper size or each Chinese character's size

3. Chinese calligraphy style: 

4. Paper shape:

5. Orientation of Chinese characters: 
    Landscape (preferred) / Portrait / Please suggest

6. Method of shipping:

7. Additional preferences if any:



Please refer to the following menus and explanations for the above email.

1. Shuan Paper 2. Prices & Content 3. Calligraphy Style
4. Character Orientation 5. Shipping Methods 6. More Questions?


1. Shuan Paper

1. Select Your Preferred Shuan Paper

Shuan (Xuan) paper is not made of rice. "Rice paper" is a misnomer for Chinese calligraphy and painting paper.

Except for Basic White Shuan Paper and Red with Gold Flecks, additional charge of $5 or $10 will be applied to color and featured (fancy) Shuan paper per piece.

No additional charge only for "Name Translation" if "Red with Gold Flecks" is chosen. Chinese don't write people's names on purely white paper with a calligraphy brush and ink when no other words are added.



Basic White 
Red Dragon Red with Gold Flecks
(No extra charge)
Max. Size = 27 x 52 inches Max. Size = 14 x 54 inches Max. Size = 27 x 52 inches


Han Grey Tile Han Tile Animal
Max. Size = 13 x 52 inches Max. Size = 13 x 52 inches Max. Size = 13 x 52 inches


Watermark Han Gold Tile Antique
Max. Size = 27 x 52 inches Max. Size = 13.5 x 54 inches Max. Size = 27 x 52 inches


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2. Prices Based on Paper Size or Character Size & Content of Order

You may get a general view of your Chinese calligraphy name by following the steps listed in YouTube "more info." 



If your phonetically translated name has only one or two Chinese characters, prices will be prorated.


Paper Size Within 27" x 7.5" or 200 Square Inches

Paper Size Larger Than 200 Square Inches

Each First Name (or Last Name)

$25 plus S&H (see FAQ)

Based on "General Price Charts" per Chinese character
plus S&H

Each Full Name

$35 plus S&H

Based on "General Price Charts" per Chinese character
plus S&H

"Red with Gold Flecks" (Recommended) 
or White Paper *

Included for Free

Included for Free

Other Color (Fancy) Paper

$5 per piece

$10 per piece

  Names & other phrases together, please click here instead.

More Than 3 Names

Discount Available

Discount Available

 * White Paper - if and only if you request a name only (no other words added) written with a Chinese brush and ink, name writing on pure white Shuan paper (without any design printed, gold flecks, or painting) is not recommended due to Asian cultural traditions.

More samples for suggested paper size or Chinese character size:






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3. Calligraphy Style

3. Select Your Preferred Chinese Calligraphy Style

Seal Style

Clerical Style

Running Style

Walking Style

Standard Style
   or Let the calligrapher suggest  

Chinese currently use Standard Style in our modern society. All five major styles of calligraphy are still in practice today. More samples of styles can be found from this Website and YouTube.


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4. Character Orientation

4. Select Your Preferred Orientation of Chinese Characters

All Chinese calligraphy artworks in this Website are written in the traditional way: first from top to bottom, and then from right to left to retain the original spiritual beauty of this art. 

Landscape (Horizontal) RECOMMENDED

Portrait (Vertical)

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5. Shipping Methods

5. Select Your Preferred Shipping Method

Click here for shipping rates and number of days to receive your order after payment.

a. United States Postal Service + Confirmation (3 Days First-Class Mail) - minimum rate of postage $8
b. United States Postal Service + Confirmation (2 Days Priority Mail)
c. United States Postal Service + Confirmation (Tomorrow by Noon - Express Mail)

d. UPS Ground + Confirmation (4 - 5 business days)
e. UPS Second Day Air + Confirmation
f. UPS Next Day Air + Confirmation


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6. More Questions?

Almost all of this Website's features for custom Chinese calligraphy are provided in this Webpage. If you still have any specific questions, you may try

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