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Notes For Your Order

1. The number of days to receive your order is clearly stated at: Process & Shipping Time

2. Prices are based on the number of Chinese characters and respective sizes - General Price Charts. Each Chinese character starts from $8. 



You may get free Chinese calligraphy samples and/or free translations by following the steps listed in the "more info" of those two YouTube videos:





3. Chinese words are characters, not letters or symbols. Joshua Hough only does brush writing in Chinese characters and is not good at writing Japanese, English, other languages, and symbols with brushes and ink. Detailed translation will be available after payment is received and when the order is ready for viewing and shipping. All pieces are uniquely handwritten by Joshua Hough; no prints, tracing, duplicates, and computer printing will be sold from this Website. (YouTube videos from artvirtue) 

I am a native Chinese born in Taiwan and lived there for 23 years before coming to the United States, so no questions asked for accuracy of translations.

4. This Website does not sell or ship frames. (There are no mat and frames sold from this Website. Instead, Joshua's associate makes silk mounting and scrolls.) If you are framing your order by yourself or in non-Chinese galleries, you may consider Dry Mounting or Silk Mounting for better preservation of the artwork before you put it into a frame, or order a customized scroll that is easy to hang and carry.

When Chinese are talking about Chinese calligraphy or painting scrolls, we mean calligraphy or painting mounted with two sheets of backing paper, silk brocade margins, hanging bars, and ribbons. We are not referring to simply rolls of plain paper.

5. When the custom calligraphy is completed, each customer will receive a high resolution digital copy in an email to preview before shipping. At that time, you may decide to order Dry Mounting, Silk Mounting services or a Custom Scroll. You may also let me know at first whether you are considering these additional services; this may help me plan with enough working days since I am also in the public accounting profession. Your decisions are based on PayPal payment instead of email communications.




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Samples of Chinese Painting & Calligraphy Scrolls 

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When the artwork is completed, each customer will receive a high resolution digital copy in an e-mail to preview before shipping. At this moment, the customers may decide to order Dry Mounting, Silk Mounting services or a Custom Scroll either before or after the preview. 

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