Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration @ Dallas Chinese Community Center

Chinese Calligraphy Demonstration

by Dallas Chinese Calligrapher Joshua Hough




Couplets for Matchmaker Xiaoyu



(Left) The ink took at least 20 minutes to dry after writing on the "10,000 Year Red" Xuan paper. / (Right) The 2nd edition was written on Water Writing Paper.

千里姻緣微信牽 = Marriage affinity can be connected via Xiaoyu's WeChat group from thousands of miles away;

靈魂伴侶雙贏樂 = The soulmates can create win-win situations and enjoy happily.




雙贏 = win-win







Couplets for Mr. Liu, the owner of a Chinese bookstore in Dallas



(Right) 達城書香滿春芳 = The scent of books are everywhere during spring in Dallas.

(Left) 華人藝術無盡藏 = The treasures of Chinese artists here are countless.

達華 is the name of this Chinese bookstore in Dallas since 1998.





Horizontal Layout of Calligraphy


Great luck for the year of dog




Truth, beauty, and goodness




Vertical Layout of Calligraphy


Dog year prosperity


Doing goodness and accumulate virtues 


Win success immediately upon arrival

Joy & long life


慈悲喜捨 Be compassionate, full of joy, and free from attachment.


(A blessing for a mother's daughter Man Man)




With some of the audience and calligraphy



Good fortune




Truth, goodness, and beauty




People waiting in line to obtain their favorite one-word:

行書書法: = auspicious; = beautiful; Fu = good fortune;

= healthy; = longevity, long life; = jubilation; = spring

















# Reasons


Why pictures and videos are not updated so fast?

  • Joshua is working full time as a public accountant. 

  • Teaching Chinese brush painting and calligraphy classes

  • Booking and preparing for next demonstration

  • Selling calligraphy & painting works online worldwide

  • Organizing pictures and videos between several computers, cell phones, and hard drives for storage and editing. 

  • Serving as the President of Dallas Chinese Calligraphy & Painting Association from January 2015 and January 2018. (Hopefully someone else can be the next president in 2018.)

  • Administrator of 3 WeChat groups of CalligraPainting (One for the Association; one for my classes; another one for auction.)

  • Administrator of Pu Xinyu CalligraPainting Facebook Group to preserve my teacher's teacher's historical contribution to calligraphy and painting.

  • Periodically updating other areas of this Website

  • Various local requests, business activities, and art investment projects

  • Other local cultural activities - Dallas is getting even more culturally diversified than ever, especially for the innumerous activities in the Chinese community. I really hope to stay home for more personal practice and more time in painting instead of attending social events during weekends.


I try to keep everything organized and balanced in life and arts. Usually I add a few most important pictures right after the event, and then eventually come back to add more pictures and videos when I have time.



Selected Chinese Calligraphy Demonstration Videos and Pictures

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Joshua's Journal:


Time management is really important.






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