Order or Inquiry for Basic Silk Mounting (BSM)

 These silk mounting services are only for customers who purchase calligraphy / painting works from this website. 

Mounting with Silk Brocade


Please use the "Tab" key or the mouse for the next entry. Pressing "Enter" will submit the form. If you press the "Enter" before you finish filling this form, just try again.


Step 1: Please enter your contact information.




Step 2: Determine your desired format of the Silk Mounting. Click Silk Mounting Styles WebPage for viewing.

         Enter BSM Number: 

(For example, BSM-2.)

Step 3: Enter your desired silk pattern(s) and color(s) & specify the size of the Silk Mounting (i.e., the size of your frame.) Click Silk Selection Web Page for viewing.

(For example, type "Z-2, white." if you want One-Color Format Silk Mounting. Or simply type "Let the mounting specialist suggest for me."

(Optional Box) Please type your additional instructions, questions, or preferences:


Step 4: Select desired shipping & handling (Please refer to http://www.art-virtue.com/FAQ/FAQ.htm#8 for rates and details.) (If you have already paid postage for custom calligraphy, it will be credited.)

United States Postal Service + Confirmation (3 Days First-Class Mail)
United States Postal Service + Confirmation (2 Days Priority Mail)
United States Postal Service + Confirmation (Tomorrow by Noon - Express Mail)

UPS Ground + Confirmation (4 - 5 business days)
UPS Second Day Air + Confirmation
UPS Next Day Air + Confirmation

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