Price Charts of Customized Scrolls Based on Size of "Picture Core"

The price of each scroll includes the cost of Back Mounting, Silk Mounting, and all materials, except S&H, calligraphy, and painting. (Back Mounting and Silk Mounting are the prerequisites for making a scroll.)


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Some of the parts names of a Two-Color Format Scroll:

C = Upper Separate Water (not for One-Color Format scrolls)

D = Lower Separate Water (not for One-Color Format scrolls)

E = Picture Core (the calligraphy or painting part)
The size of the picture core is the main determinant of the price of a scroll used in this website

The labor and technical requirements for mounting "picture core" are usually the basis of prices as adopted by many Chinese mounters or galleries. The larger the picture core is, the more labor is required to "stretch" the silk and Shuan Paper from shrinking during the mounting and drying processes.

For non-Chinese speaking customers, if you select a paper size (i.e., picture core) which is larger than 360 inches or you do not have an idea of the number of Chinese characters and their layout in your order, Joshua or Stephen may suggest several paper sizes and layouts for artistic arrangement of Chinese characters and to save your cost without compromising artistic qualities.
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As this video shows, the larger the "picture core", the more risky the mounting task will be and the more labor will be required in other subsequent steps.

The price of each scroll is based on the size of the "picture core" which, in turn, determines the size of the scroll and the minimum hours of labor required.


Total Price of A Scroll (not including calligraphy, painting, and S&H) = 
Starting Price + (Number of Each Additional Ten Square Inches Exceeding Base Size x 10% of Starting Price)

The base size of "picture core" is 12" x 30" or any area that equals 360 square inches.


10% Incremental Price Chart

Picture Core

Price of A Scroll



Within 360 square inches 
"base size for Starting Price"

Starting Price


(without inner liner and edge wrapping)

370 square inches 

(1 additional ten sq. inches)

Starting Price x 110%



380 square inches
2 additional ten sq. inches)

Starting Price x 120%



390 square inches
3 additional ten sq. inches)

Starting Price x 130%



400 square inches
4 additional ten sq. inches)

Starting Price x 140%



... and so on

... and so on

... and so on

... and so on

Due to minimum labor required, picture core smaller than 360 sq. inches will not be prorated.


Suppose a customer wants to buy Scroll-2-12 which starts from $300 and he initially chooses the picture core size to be 420 square inches.

customer's desired size - base size = 420 - 360 = 60 sq. inches
60  / 10 = 6 additional ten square inches
new percentage = 100% + 60% = 160%
The price of his scroll is $300 x 160% = $480 (not including calligraphy and shipping)

If a customer is willing to accept suggestions by Joshua or Stephen for paper (i.e., picture core) size and Chinese character layout, the cost may be recalculated to a lower price.


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